Effective Change Management

4 April 2015
A look at how to effectively implement change in business.

This paper takes one through three vital steps in change management. It starts with the need for the changes to be supported by those effected, moves on to consideration and justification of the changes and then looks at the need for a planned change process. The three steps are illustrated through the use of a case study of a memo sent out to staff. The paper concludes with an example of a revised memo, conducive to effective change management.
“Effectively implementing change depends on several actions being taken. Firstly, the changes made need to be supported by those effected by the changes. Secondly, the changes made need to be considered and justified. Thirdly, the change process needs to be planned. By focusing on these three areas, changes can be implemented effectively to ensure that they achieve beneficial results while also being implemented with minimal disruption.”

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