Effective Crisis Management Techniques

4 April 2015
This paper examines how an organization can handle a crisis. The steps an organization takes during a crisis will determine how they come out of it. This paper lays out how an organization can effectively deal with crisis to prevent lasting damage.

This paper looks at the importance of a company’s crisis management strategy and how the strategy that an organization takes during a crisis can affect the long-term health of that organization. It also puts forth the theory that organizations often collapse because when a crisis occurs they are not equipped to deal with it in a quick and timely fashion.
From the paper:

Planning ahead of time can help soften the negative impact of an ongoing crisis. Decisions made while planning for a potential crisis tend to be more rational then a decision made in the middle of a crisis. Develop a crisis manual that is simple and easy to read and make sure it is used; it is worthless if it sits idle on a shelf. All employees need to be trained so they know what their roles will be during a crisis. This training will help prepare everybody in the organization to avert or effectively manage extraordinary incidents. It is not possible to plan for all potential crises that can occur. Rather an organization should prepare an action plan that involves responses for various aspects of a possible crisis.

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