Describe your ideal study environment. I will start by choosing an appropriate location to work. Some locations that I might find beneficial include my room, the public library, private studies/lounges, or even Starbuck’s. Once I have decided on a location, pick a spot that seems comfortable to me. Keep in mind that comfy places like beds and sofas might be more conducive to sleeping than studying, so I don’t get too comfortable!

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Another factor to consider is “closed” or “open” structure. Which is more appealing to me, a table in a large, open room or a closed cubicle that isolates me from distractions? After I have chosen a location, decide what type of atmosphere works best for me Factors to consider are noises, lighting, and temperature. Eliminate distractions such as cell phones, Facebook, Myspace, Skype, and instant messaging that may tempt me to procrastinate. I will be consistent! Once I have founded a study environment that works well for me, use it regularly to ensure my academic academic success.

List some of the distractions that might hinder your study progress or your performance in an online classroom. Some of the distractions that might hinder my study progress or performance from being in an online classroom are: watching television, listening to music, cooking dinner, eating dinner, mother calling my namet, telephone ringing, visitors coming by home, and getting sleepy or not getting the proper rest will easily cause you to become distracted and unable to focus on your assignment. What actions can you take to manage and eliminate distractions?

The actions that I can to take to manage and eliminate distractions are: recording my favorite television shows for later playback, elimating distracting music, cooking/eating. By me eliminating all my distractions, I should be able to concentrate more on my school work. The actions have I have stated are vital important to my study habits. How will you apply your personal learning style? How does your personal Learning style affect your study habits? My personal learning style is somewhat complicated and complexed.

I would say that my

Page 2 Effective Study Habits Essay

style is not structured because I really learn from doing. I am a very hands on learner so it is very challenging for me to understand just from reading/doing alone. I feel that my personal learning style can hinder my study habits because I am not in a classroom physically where I the instructor can demonstrate or teach in person. Whereas, I have to create ways for me to learn at my own speed and own terms. List 5 effective study strategies from this week that you will use. Explain why you selected them and why they are effective strategies for online learning.

The first strategy I would use will be the V. A. R. K Method. Which consist of 4 strategies, visual to learn information through charts, graphs, symbols, and other visual means. Aural learners prefer to hear information. Read/Write learners prefer to learn information that is displayed as words. Kinesthetic learners prefer to learn through experience and practice, whether simulated or real. The last strategy I would use will be active experimentation abilities, which enable learners to make decisions, solve problems, and test what they have learned in new situations.

An example of this type of ability is being ready to move quickly from thinking to action. They are effective in online classes by requiring you to adopt some behaviors that are characteristic of each of these five learning styles. Some of them might be uncomfortable for you, but that discomfort will indicate that you’re growing, stretching, and not relying on the learning style that might be easiest or most natural. I choose these 5 because they are more of my personality and best strategies for me.

Identify one change you can make immediately to increase the effectiveness of your study habits. Explain how this will help you become more effective. Being alert for external distractions. I will choose a place where I can study and concentrate. That might be in my room or public library, or I might have to go somewhere else. This will help me to be more effective in the classroom by having a clear mind from studying. To sum it up, getting away from outside distractions is what I will increase.

I certify that the attached paper is my original work. I am familiar with, and acknowledge my responsibilities which are part of, the University of Phoenix Student Code of Academic Integrity. I affirm that any section of the paper which has been submitted previously is attributed and cited as such, and that this paper has not been submitted by anyone else. I have identified the sources of all information whether quoted verbatim or paraphrased, all images, and all quotations with citations and reference listings.

Along with citations and reference listings, I have used quotation marks to identify quotations of fewer than 40 words and have used block indentation for quotations of 40 or more words. Nothing in this assignment violates copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property laws. I further agree that my name typed on the line below is intended to have, and shall have, the same validity as my handwritten signature.

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