Effectiveness and Efficiency

8 August 2016

Effectiveness and Efficiency Businesses often discuss about ways to improve their managements. Employee effectiveness and efficiency is a beneficial process for enhancing a business, although they may sound similar they are entirely different. Effectiveness means when a business is successful in producing the desired strategies planned by the employees, mainly the managers. Whilst efficiency measures the relationship between minimum inputs with a maximum output. There are common issues that individuals have, putting efficiency before effectiveness.

People often end up looking for better ways to do certain things but never get anywhere. Effectiveness is simply the kitchen recipe for the better outcome, getting the job done and planning objectives. It focuses on what is going to be done in order to maximize the future outcome. Companies like “Apple inc”, conveyed the example of effectiveness they’re goal as a management is to do good design, attractive products, the focus, the limited scale and the clever marketing.

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As their business expands individuals can clearly see that apple has enhanced these goals.

Apple’s effectiveness was the root to their successful business. Thus basically saying, effectiveness is the main priority to a better management. In the other hand analysing every detail and implementing plans to make intelligent gestures for the business’s profit is a major importance. The significance of efficiency is to accomplish minimum of time at minimum cost with minimum effort with the result of a maximum output. Efficiency improvements are important because they result as cost savings, which the business accomplished through their goals and objectives.

Like apple, the innovation of the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5s wasn’t that big of a difference, the only changes were the camera and home button. If you were to think as a business, the iPhone 5s wasn’t really an outrageous amount of change. But as a customer you always look for the latest updates. Thus, buying the newest apple products with simple changes. Hence explaining that the hierarchy of the management should think more practical as a result of a better cash flow and profit.

Although effectiveness maybe about planning, and efficiency maybe about practicality, they both compliment each other. Without the use of proper planning, goals and objectives there will be no direction for the business to go. Whilst if there is no one strategically thinking in running a business you will come to a loss. Thus conveying that effectiveness is the process of planning your target, and with that target you implement your objective with the use of efficient and resulting you with a positive outcome.

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