Effectiveness of Time and Financial Management

Most of the respondents came from student assistant’s category and the others came from the category of academic scholars. These scholars were given scholarships from Goanna Study Grant Program and Angleworm Foundation. On the range of their ages, 17-22 years old were the students who were given an opportunity they wanted to have.

The scholars being interviewed have a daily allowance of more or less 1 50 pesos. On the Graph 1. 1 being shown below are some of the expenses of the following students. Graph 1. A little number of respondents said that they stay in boarding houses that cost them PH 1,600 to PH 1,700. Literally, the cost was being solved by their parents. 3 out of 7 students said that both of their parents are self-employed.

1 respondent said that his/her parents run a business and another corresponds to unemployed parents. The rest of the students match up on other answers like their father/mother neither is an overseas Filipino worker, a tricycle driver, a plain housewife nor was deceased.Researchers proceed to the monthly income of their parents in able to measure the financial background of each and every respondent. Graph 1. 2 illustrates the possible monthly income of the parents Of these learners. Graph 1. 2 As you can see, there is an equality of 14,000 and lower and 15,000-20,000 income.

It is based on the survey being conducted by the researchers and from the occupation of their parents. On the part of their financial management, they spent the biggest part of their allowance for their food (50%) followed by their transportation and some other expenses.This shows that food is very important especially for the scholars like them. Food is an essential and they must not ignore because of the responsibilities they have in the university. The primary reason Of the pupils asked in preferring themselves in being a scholar of Adamson University is that because they wanted to help their parents in decreasing the expenses. In this reason, an individual can determine that financial or money matters are the first basis in order for them to have financial management.Other reasons are for them to gain independence.

The effectiveness of financial management is measured by proper usage of money and thinking a creative way of using up money. The researchers also find ways on evaluating time supervision of scholars. Because of a more number of student assistants being interviewed, most of heir time is allotted on their duties. Here is Graph 1. 3 that shows how long an ordinary scholar uses his /her time in the university. Graph 1. 3 Take a kick Of the graph that has been illustrated by the researchers.

Student D and F are academic scholars. According to the information gathered from the survey, these students are academic scholars. As academic scholars, their worlds are focused on studying. They usually spend time in resting, studying and even have a time for leisure. On the other hand, the remaining students (A, B , C and E) make use of their time in duties and offices. Equalizing time in each activity of a student like them is not easy to do. Like on the Graph 1.

3, student assistants are divided in different opinions.Some of them were able to balance their time and others cannot. Same answer was derived by academic scholars. However, they also answered it depends on the situation. Situations are unpredictable and make equalization of time in different planned activities. Somehow, all of them have a time for rest and have a break after long hours from school. Lastly, as a scholar, grade is the most important or basis in acquiring scholarships.

Grades of these scholars are not affected by activities being done in school.

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