Effects of Climate Change on Developing Countries

Some developed countries signed the Kyoto Protocol and reduced their gas emissions. Canada with the CCCDF (Canada Climate Change Development Fund), is helping South America to solve the problem. Some large counties like USA, the main pollutant is not helping as much as developing countries need them. First, the Kyoto Protocol started in December of 1997 when more than 160 countries signed it to solve the problems caused by the climate change. This could be done by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and promote better ways of producing and using the energy.

In 2002, Canada signed the protocol, which came into force on February 16, 2005, when ratified by the 55 countries that produce 55 percent of the developed world’s carbon dioxide emissions . U. S. A and Canada have the highest greenhouse gas emissions. Of course U. S. A have the higher emissions. The objective of this agreement is to stabilize the greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that it would not interfere with the climate system and also to protect developing countries from the problems caused by the climate changes, or greenhouse gas emissions.

Some developing countries like China joined the Protocol to help the world and their selves. It is an excellent idea that developing countries join the Protocol because that way they are helping themselves and the others. Developing countries are suffering problems sea level rise and extreme weather changes. Concerning the Canada Climate Change Development Fund (CCCDF), a Canadian organization that helps developing countries to solve the problems cause by climate changes. It started in 2000 as a part of the government.

The main objectives were contributing to Canada’s climate change and promoting activities in developing countries that solve the causes and effects of the climate change. At the same time helping to poverty reduction and the development of the country. The CCCDF wants to help developing countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to their development by transferring technology. This not only helps to reduce the GHG emissions and reduce the global climate change, but it also brings Canada environmental help, like cleaner air.

It also creates opportunities to invest on new technologies. The government of Canada is investing $1. 1 billion to address climate change over the next five years . The CCCDF established the following expected results: -Reduce the Greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries. -Increase the use of Carbon in forests, wetlands, etc. for the good. -Reduce vulnerability of developing countries to effects of climate change. -Increase capacity of developing countries to participate in global efforts to solve climate change.

Unfortunately, countries like the United States of America; the higher greenhouse emission country did not sign the Protocol. They said that the U. S. A does not agree with the protocol because it may affect to their economy and that they do not agree with some details. The US alone accounted for 36. 1% of worldwide greenhouse emissions in 1990. It is very important that countries like this sign the agreement and help because they are the countries with the more industry and they have the higher gas emissions level.

Developing countries do not have the technology or environmental industry to address the issue. And countries like USA are needed to take responsibility so it can be done. The Australian government along with the U. S government agreed to sign their own contract called the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate. This was created on July 2005. Developed countries have started to address the climate changes issue on developing countries by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping developing countries to reduce gas emissions and make good use of other materials.

Unfortunately climate changes are still causing great damage around the world, so we should not wait until people from another country tells us what to do. If we start one by one making only a very small effort that could be not polluting by not using cars too much, we could start changing the world. The problem is not only caused by the big developed countries, it is caused by every single person in the world and it has to be solved by everyone.

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