Effects of Cte on Nfl Athletes

10 October 2016

As of now, 33 deceased NFL players have been confirmed to have had CTE before their death (Breslow, 2013). Literature Review CTE is characterized by a few neurological and physiological abnormalities in the brain, one of the main symptoms is the build-up of an abnormal protein called tau (Zeigler, 2012). In CTE affected brains, tau clumps and builds up in places, causing the brain to malfunction, often leading to dementia in later stages. (Zeigler, 2012).

Also, it has been confirmed that many living NFL players are living with CTE right now (Kroll, 2013). While no way to reverse the effects has been thought of yet, research is slowly progressing in detecting it earlier on (Kroll, 2013). The NFL is attempting to work with various institutes to study CTE and hopefully prevent it as much as possible in their players. They have been providing counseling to former players now dealing with depression, memory loss, and other key symptoms. However, there is no way to clearly see the future affects that CTE research will have on the NFL and the game of football.

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