Effects of Part-Time Job to Academic Performance Among Fourth Year College Students

4 April 2017

Effects of Part-Time Job to Academic Performance among Fourth Year College Students in Ateneo de Zamboanga University Khadija A. Arip Lorraine Mae P. Bastasa Writing and Research Ms. Daryl Jane B. Barrios Table of Contents I. ABSTRACT II. INTRODUCTION III. BODY A. Definition of Part- Time Job B. Possible Causes of Part Time Jobs in College C. Effects of Part Time Work in College D. Advantages and Disadvantages IV. CONCLUSION Abstract Most likely, every student transcends their limitations nowadays. They juggle time in working, education, and social life.

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Effects of Part-Time Job to Academic Performance Among Fourth Year College Students Essay Example

For what reason that is, well, they do this in order to be able to pay up for education expenses. Some others just do this to earn a little extra spending money, for them to be able to buy something which they want to avail without them begging their parents for it. Basically, part time work is their only choice to get that money they need if they do not have student loans offered at their university. Some students need to pay up for rent, tuition, and etc. Working part time gives them the money and the thought of realizing how important it is.

They are also provided with the thought of handling their responsibilities very well if they work part time during college days. Indeed, working while studying can be tough to handle. It forces you to manage your time and your responsibilities. Sometimes, it makes you choose between the two. Students today tend to sacrifice their time for social life to earn some extra spending cash. They end up being way too busy to have a social life. They don’t even have enough time to sleep which affects their daily performance at school. They juggle these responsibilities for a few income or profit.

They do all of that for money. Introduction First of all, when students have a job they will earn money, some of these students need the money to pay for expensive schools, while other students need it to make their life easier. Some students will not worry about many things in their life such as food, rent and bills especially if they obtained lot of money from their job. Some schools are very expensive, even the parents students’ cannot pay all the fee for these schools, thus the students have to obtain a part-time job which would help them to provide money for school fees and for themselves.

Having a part-time job after class may be a good option for students to gain more valuable experience. However, some people are worrying about the part-time job will pose a bad influence on study. How to handle a part-time job and how to balance it with study seems to become a significant question. Proper arrangements for study and part-time job can make college students enjoy working for a company and enrich their reference. Reasons for taking up part time jobs are to earn extra income, daily allowances and for experience. Despite having lessons uring weekdays, some of the students still work during weekdays. There are negative and positive effects on students who have part-time jobs. They gain many skills and have many experiences for example; they learn a lot about life and improve their language from the people in their work. Also, the work affect on their studying and their normally way of living. Some students are working until midnight, so they have to sleep lately which could make them tired all day. Thus, they will be late or missing their class. Definition of Part Time Job

Literally, part time is described as something which involves less than a normal or standard time. From this basis, we can now state that a part time work is a work which does not require you working full time. Basically, a part time job refers to an employment position wherein fewer hours per week are put into work by an individual than the regular full time job. Most people who work part time jobs to gain primary income are students and elderly citizens. Low wage workers earn this type of job to supplement their primary incomes.

Other workers with no full time job also seek part time jobs to gain little profit. These kinds of workers don’t generally enjoy the employment benefits and rewards that are available to full time employees. Sometimes an employer requires someone to do part time jobs in order to see what an individual is capable of his work and tasks. They try to see whether the individual is suited to work full time at their company or not. If they lasted in this sort of training presented to them by their employer then they might be asked to work full time on the said company.

Most commonly, part time employment is found at fast foods, restaurants, retail store, factory, public library, universities, and call centers. If people are sort of looking for part time work in order to gain a little income, they most prefer to go to these sorts of companies. Frequents searchers of part time jobs are the students between ages 17-23. Most of them are in high school and colleges. They do part time works to have a little extra pocket money with them. Others look in order to find money for educational expenses.

Many individuals also seek part-time weekend jobs to supplement their incomes or voluntarily take up such jobs which match their passions or pursuits outside of their primary employment. An individual may take on a second job to augment his income. Second jobs can be full-time or part-time positions. For all we know, part time jobs are just around us. We might have known somebody who is into this kind of work. They work in order to gain primary income or just a little money for something they want so badly. Judging from the economic status of our country, people often work even if they are in college just to finish their education.

Sometimes what our parents can give us are always not enough for what we need. In order to help them around the burden, we work a little, even if that costs us our time for enjoyment and pleasure with our friends. Possible Causes of Part Time Jobs in College At this moment, students are increasingly likely to work in college. Working students can be categorized into two groups. These are the “students who work” and the “workers who study. ” Almost two thirds of undergraduates consider themselves as the students who work; the other third are the workers who study.

Around the economic status of our society, students tend to work their time in order to pay up for college. That is the primary cause why there are workers who study, which works full time just for them to be able to finish their education. They lack the time to enjoy a night or day out with their classmates and the time to study if their employers are not that understandable in terms of working in college. As for the students who work, well, they just work in order to gain a little profit out of it. They work part time in order to have a little money for something they want so badly.

For instance, Girlie wanted this dress from a store but her allowance isn’t enough for her to be able to buy it, and she was too ashamed to ask something from her parents, she works on a public library for a few hours in a week for her to get money, gifting her dress that she always wanted. Some just work in order to gain a little cash for emergency purposes. Effects of Part Time Work in College Primarily, most of the effects of part time work while studying are not beneficial. If students tend to work while studying they end up being deficient in time to study.

Most part time works require way too much hours per week, and they lose this time wherein they can engage themselves in studying for a big exam next week. Yes, they can always suggest that they can bring their tons of books to the workplace, in that way, they can study whenever there is nothing left to do. But that’s if their managers or employers allowed them to do that. Some employers are not that pitiful to students who work while studying. Sometimes they tell them to work first and the students are left in the middle wherein they are needed to choose between work and school.

A burden of such might result to the student picking up work since it is more beneficial in terms of money and declining school since in order to finish education you will have to need the money. Although sometimes, the effect of part time employment for students might be good. For example, working while studying lets you earn the experience that you might need when you apply for a full time work after graduating. It could add up to your behavior at the workplace which was always needed information in terms of applying for a full time job. [pic] Figure 1. 0 Type of Work

The data show the different type of work that the students have. The data shows that 10 of the students work as a crew member in fast-food and only 1 work as a singer in the bar. Students work as crew member in fast-food because it is the most popular part-time job. Some of them work as tutor because they use and share their knowledge. A little of them work as dance instructor, these students who are dance instructor teaches other student and they teach outside university. [pic] Figure 2. 0 Place of work The figure shows the work place of the students. The data shows that 10 of them work at fast-food and only 1 works at the bar.

Fast-food is the number one workplace. [pic] Figure 3. 0 If the salary is good enough The data shows if the students’ salary is enough. Most the students answer yes and few of them answer no. Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages: 1. Working while studying gains you the experience that you might need when you apply for a full time job after graduation. 2. Part time work earns you a little money which can give a sense of pride and accomplishment. 3. Having a part time work can give you extra spending money to buy things without you having to beg it from your parents. . Working for money makes you understand that money does not come from trees and appreciate the things that your parents provide for you. 5. Having a job can give you a sense of financial independence as you are not reliant to your parents. 6. Working in college can you the experience and knowledge about working and its environment. 7. Students will also realize the importance of higher education because after seeing a co-worker twice your age at Jollibee, you realize that what you are doing isn’t something you want to do for the rest of your life. . Having part time work forces you to learn time management. It makes you understand that time really is gold. 9. Earning extra money in college makes you understand that responsibility builds character, and having more of it will just enhance your moral fiber. 10. A part time job can help you interact better with others. It can also help you enhance your leadership and teamwork skills. Disadvantages 1. Working takes a lot of time from school work and socializing. 2. Part time work limits the amount of extracurricular activities that you can take up. . The time spent from working off a part time job is the time that was lost, which could’ve been used for a much more beneficial stuff like homework, sleeping, studying, or just chilling out with friends. 4. Part time work can take off your time away from sleep which affects your performance in school and other activities such as sports. 5. A part time work can also be hard to fit in a student’s busy schedule in college. As many of us would not want to what do a sacrifice our free time for a little extra cash. 6.

The job might have requirements where you have to go to work even if you can’t because you have an important test coming up. 7. Not all employers are sympathetic enough to let you bring your books and notes to your workplace when you have a big exam coming up tomorrow. 8. Sometimes, employers makes you choose between school and work which gets to the result of you choosing work over school since it provides you money as for school, you need money to finish it. 9. Juggling time between work, education, and social life can be an incredibly tough task to do. Balancing time wouldn’t be that easy. Conclusion

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