Effects of Rap Lyrics on Youth

3 March 2018

Another study found that adolescent females, after watching a rap video evicting women in sexually subordinate roles, were more inclined to express acceptance of violence against women in a dating situation. However, increased acceptance of crime and violence appears to be linked with viewing violent or sexist rap videos rather than listening to rap music on its own Read more at Suite: Rap Music’s Psychological Effects: Research into Mood, Behavior, Crime, Violence and Gender Relations I Suite . Mom http:// confirmedly. Suite 1 01. Com/rap-music-psychological-effects- 53370#ixzz1jKL52dhg Although research has found a correlation between preference for heavy metal or rap music and behavioral problems, drug or alcohol use, arrests and sexual promiscuity, these behavioral problems usually begin before students begin listening to rap or heavy metal, which indicates that the music does not cause behavioral problems or addiction. Rather, it suggests that at-risk youth are more inclined to prefer heavy metal or rap music.

Read more at Suite : Rap Music’s Psychological Effects: Research into enforcedly. Suites 01 . Com/rap-music-psychological-effects- a53370#ixzz1jKMss15k Mood Listening to rap or heavy metal has not been shown to increase suicidal ideation and anxiety or adversely affect self-esteem among college-aged men and women. Oddly enough, students listening to a nonviolent rap song experienced more depressive symptoms than those who listened to a violent rap song.

Effects of Rap Lyrics on Youth Essay Example

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