Effects of Reducing Class Size

10 October 2016

No Comments · Uncategorized Have you ever studied in a big class and how do you feel about it? Today a lot of schools and university have too much students in class. Some classes have more than fifty to one-hundred students with only one teacher to teach and this makes the school or university ineffective. In my opinion, I think the number of students in a classroom is the important factor and everyone should study properly class sized and reducing class size can affect both teacher and students in both positive and negative ways.

Firstly, reducing class size affects the teachers in many ways. A large number of students will make the teachers have hard work to get everybody’s attention. Students do not play attention because they think they are in a big class and the teachers may not see them if they want to talk and gossip with friends. So,a smaller class would make the teacher find it easier to get everybody’s participation and learn. Secondly,too many students make the teacher unable to take care of all children equally. This is difficult to make students understand the lessons effectively and finally they will bored.

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So,reducing class size would be better for the teacher to take care of the students equally and know everybody better than in a big class. Thirdly, having a small class is that it encourages students to answer and ask questions more than in a big class because when students are in a big class they will shy. However; the disadvantage of reducing classroom size will affect students in some ways. A lot of students may prefer having a big class because there are a lot of friends in the same class and it would make the class environment more fun and reduce pressure from their teacher.

So this reason will make a lot of students do not want to have a small class and they will fight with their teacher but if teacher change their their teaching style to make fun class and take care of their students well this problem will not happen. In short , there are a positive and negative ways of reducing class. We have to hire more teacher and use too much budget for changing school system but if we want to have a better education for our children, reducing class this is the best way to do.

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