Effects of Religion on the 2000 Presidential Election

4 April 2015
A discussion of how religion had a significant role in the presidential campaigns of the year 2000 in the U.S.

This paper demonstrates that religion and personal worldview played an increasingly public and important role among candidates and voters during the 2000 Presidential election process in the U.S. The author examines the influence religion had on various political parties such as Democrats, Republicans, and other parties.
“If the only stance one can take in public life is to remain mute about one’s most deeply held beliefs, then the election process is diminished. The American public requires a basis for knowing and evaluating the core values that shape our leaders’ actions and policies. Without the increased role of religion in the presidential election process, voters would be forced to speculate as to what the underlying political philosophy of a potential president might be. If values rooted in religious tradition (or any other philosophical worldview, for that matter) are an important element of a candidate’s decision-making process, the public ought to know this. Religious discussion only helps in the selection of good leaders who desire to lead the country down a moral road.”

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