Effects of terrorism on Pakistani society

7 July 2016

Terrorism is a real challenge to the authority of the state. In the past,owing to the political compromises and ineptness of the governments,a policy of status quo was maintained which resulted in the mushrooming of no go areas in Karachi and different parts of fata and the vast private jagirs of the bugtis.

These uncontrolled areas became the sanctuaries of miscreants and terrorists who posed a major threat to the Pakistani national security owing to the relative vacuum of government control, these areas became the hub of foreign conspirators who armed these terrorists and thus terrorism started which spread havoc and terror in the locals of these areas. 2. EFFECTS OF TERRORISM ON PAKISTANI ECONOMY AND FOREIGN INVESTMENT: In modern globalized environment the strength or weakness of a state is measured by the level of its economy.

For developing countries like Pakistan, foreign investment is a lifeline of economic progress. To encourage foreign companies to invest in Pakistan,they need to be assured of peace,stability and transparency in the country. Any incident of abduction,explosion or breakdown of law or any other incident similar to these has a very negative and far reaching effect on the foreign economic activity in Pakistan. Incidents like the killing of French engineers in Karachi or the killing of chinese engineers in fata has made a very bad impression of Pakistan in other countries.

Different nations are have different opinions about terrorism. One’s freedom fighter is a terrorist for another and one’s nationalist hero is a miscreant for another owing to this complication it is impossible to arrive at a consensus on its definition and only a broader understanding of the concept can be achieved whatever the terms it may be expressed in,it is the most dangerous threat to the global and national security and it needs to be addressed. The menace of terrorism cannot be fought by the military alone.

It needs a comprehensive global strategy which orchestrates political,social,military and religious strands. At the government level there is a need to create an environment which addresses to the deprived sections of society and offers a level play ground to all to benefit from the amneties of life. To tackle this problem in some countries the united states along with other world powers and the united nations is trying to facilitate the refugees who have lost their properties along with their loved ones by various programmes,charitable oragnizations,ngo’s and also through aid. AWARENESS IN PAKISTAN ABOUT TERRORISM

Having been said that terrorism is a major threat to the safety and security of the world,Pakistan has been affected the most due to terrorism and has suffered severe blows to its economical,educational,cultural and social values. Several steps have been taken at the national level to promote awareness about this issue some are listed below. 1. Handling of the media: The Pakistani media can and is playing a pivotal role in preventing and awaring people about terrorism. Different talk shows and documentaries are shown on a regular basis on different tv channels which are informing the public about this threat.

De-weaponization and inhibiting foreign involvement: Miscreant elements in the country need to be isolated from foreign support. This is being done by the Inter services intelligence and the military intelligence is playing an important role in disconnecting the terrorists from their allies overseas and at home. 3. political role: The purpose of terrorists is always to achieve a political goal. So their capitulation always and only lies within politics. Politicians along with the civil law enforcement agencies with the armed forces are trying to achieve their goal with politics.

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