Effects of Typing on James’ Ideal Society

4 April 2015
This paper is an analysis of how typing- the literary action of making characters stand for themes and ideas- is illustrated in Henry James’ novella `Daisy Miller.`

By examining the typing of characters in this novella, Henry James is able to progress themes and ideas.
`It is entirely correct to identify a recurrent theme of “typing” in Henry James’ novel, Daisy Miller, but it is perhaps a mistake to take this theme at face value. James’ characters are much deeper than a simple type and it is often the other characters in the novella who are guilty of “typing” one person or another. By identifying the action of “typing” and using setting and character, James is able to identify the flaws of the society that is examined in this work and his presentation of an idealized world of human interaction is that much more convincing and appealing.`

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