Egypt and Sumer Civilizations Compare and Contrast

12 December 2016

Civilizations Two of the greatest civilizations were Egypt and Sumer. Both civilizations had similarities, but also had their differences just like everything in life. They had similar beliefs on gods controlling everything in their lives. Also, these two civilizations were the first ones to make up a writing system. Even though both civilizations were the first, their writing was very different from each other. They had similar hierarchy and both invented important things that benefit us until today. Egypt and Sumerian civilizations had many things in common, but they also had some differences.

These are the Similarities of the Egypt and Sumer civilizations. Both civilizations believed in powerful gods. There were an incredible number of Gods and Goddesses in the civilization of Egypt. Gods and Goddesses were superior from everyone else in the civilization. Just like the Egyptian civilization, the Sumer civilizations had Gods and Goddesses above everyone, but also there was the ruling family. Both, Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations believed that gods controlled everything that happened to them. Let’s not forget that even though they were the first ones to make a writing system up, their writings were different.

Egypt and Sumer Civilizations Compare and Contrast Essay Example

The Egyptian writing was called hieroglyphic and the Sumerian writing was called cuneiform. Hieroglyphic was a more complex writing then the cuneiform writing. Cuneiform was just pictures that represented words. Egyptians wrote on papyrus, like the paper we use today. Unlike the Egyptians the Sumer civilization wrote on clay tablets. Their writings were very different from each other. Egypt and Sumer civilizations invented important things that benefit us in today’s activities. Sumer civilization invented the wheel. Used for transportation and helping them to get places faster. Also, it was used to move heavy things in an easier way.

Egypt civilization invented the sailboat. Used for transportation and trading on the Nile River. Without the wheel and sail boat this world wouldn’t be the same. The Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations were both important to our world today. Both civilizations invented great things that benefit us in today’s world. Even if their writings weren’t the same, they were the first civilizations to ever make a writing system. Of course they had their differences, but both of them helped us develop great things today and that’s one of the greatest similarities they have. Egypt and Sumer were not fully similar, but they still helped us in many ways.

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