Egypt vs Mesopotamia

6 June 2017

Mesopotamia Egypt and Mesopotamia, although settled along rivers, they still differ in culture and agriculture. Agriculture was one of the major differences between the civilizations. The second major difference was the social structure of both civilization. The third major difference was that, both civilization had different believes and civilization. The Egyptian civilization settled among the Nile and the Mesopotamian civilization settled among the Euphrates and Tigris.

Doing agriculture along the Nile River was much different than doing it along the Euphrates and Tigris. The Nile River was very predictable and calm, but the Euphrates and Tigris were very unpredictable and Just wild. Due to the predictable river, there was regular planting and harvesting season in Egypt. On the other side, due to unpredictable floods, there was a lot soil erosion and crop destruction. Overall agriculture in Egypt was the best. The negative side of the Egyptian agriculture was that the crops and livestock had to adapt to the harsh, hot environment.

Egypt vs Mesopotamia Essay Example

The plants and animals were native to Mesopotamia, as were first to be domesticated by the ancient people. The social structure of both civilization were different. The Egyptian upper class were mainly pharaohs (the supreme central ruler). Under the Pharaohs, there were the peasants, who supplied all the labor for agriculture. The Egyptian social classes were not like the classes of the Mesopotamian civilization. The Mesopotamian classes were more defined classes. The Mesopotamian upper class was based on, elected leaders and military powers.

Under that were the religious class, then the free commoners, and finally the peasant class. The Egyptian civilization not only had less defined classes, but also their pharaohs, which weren’t genetically selected, had a chance of serving some high olitical offices, like tax collectors. The civilizations believed in different religions. He differences between the religions were the ideas of death and resurrection for people, was possible in Egypt, but not so in Mesopotamia.

In Egypt, only the pharaoh, could resurrect from the dead and live forever. So the Egyptians mummified the Pharaohs after death. In the Mesopotamian religion this was Just not possible. As the Egyptians believed in the afterlife, they built the pyramids to keep all the dead pharaohs. The Mesopotamians didn’t believe in after life, it was all about the present. So instead of Pyramids, the Mesopotamians built temples. Although both civilizations settled among rivers, they differed in a lot of ways.

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