Egyptian Art

4 April 2015
This paper looks at different aspects of Egyptian Art.

This paper is an examination of the artwork of ancient Egypt. It looks at the paintings of ancient Egypt and explores the different messages that they hold within. Some of the themes found in these paintings include god, life after death and the actual process of dying. In many cases, the paintings are a personal history of the individual that is now preserved for future generations. The author shows how animals played an important role in their life and how many animals hold special meaning for these ancient Egyptians. The author goes into great detail about the materials used in these paintings, including the type of paints, brushes, colors, canvases and surfaces used by the Egyptians to paint these magnificent pieces of art.
“The artwork of ancient Egypt remains a never-ending source of fascination for many living in the modern world. Painting is perhaps the most intriguing and perceptive medium of expression used by the Egyptian artisans. The subject matter, materials used, techniques, and style reflected in the paintings mirror the time period in which they are painted. The paintings produced in Egyptian antiquity are insightful windows into the culture, beliefs, and ideals of the dynamic ancient civilization.”
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