Egyptian, Greek and Roman Sculpture

4 April 2015
A comparison of Egyptian, Greek and Roman culture through sculpture.

This paper examines how a society’s ideals are reflected in its sculpture, through the example of comparing Egyptian, Greek and Roman Sculpture. The author describes the characteristics of these societies as seen through their art and that their sculptures are a reflection on the perspective on the same world.
Different cultures see the world in different ways. Religion, society, and even politics, shape our views, and give form to our human environment. Architecture, music, literature, dress all are visible manifestations of a people’s values. This is no less true in the realm of sculpture. A religious people will create works of art that express its most deeply held spiritual beliefs; a cerebral people, sculptures that capture humankind’s highest ideals, while the politically minded turn out statues and busts that represent their world’s movers and shakers. Styles can range from the formal and the symbolic, to the ideal and the real. Each serves its cultural purpose. As all peoples have done, the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans produced sculptures that testify to the beliefs of their respective societies.
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