Eight Steps toward Integrity

I feel a team would help Dalman accomplish his goals in having more time with the business. Dalman spends all his time with Lei to try and keep the business up and running along with the franchise that he does not have time to do everything. This is why a self-managed team will help them both run the business. By using a team Dalman can allow his team to work on many projects to digitally enhance and help make his company perform better. The team can also oversee, while helping building different franchises.

While hiring a team Dalman and Lie can allow them to devote their time to the business more. The team can help with training managers. The team can also oversee financial matter along with other business issues that Dalman and Lei can’t Juggle at the moment. Dalman can also use Project and Development teams to help work on long term projects in the company but use them to disband when they have reached their goal. Dalman and Lei can also use something called Parallel Teams.

Parallel Teams teams can work from inside the structure to help build projects and help them move along because they could be a form of managers from inside the organization to help with there, financial issues or other issues they may be struggling to complete while having too much other stuff to andle in the organization. By using these forms of teams Dalman and Lei can use more time to help devote to the development and structural growth of their business.

Dalman and Lei when they do not have time to head overseas to oversee the franchise growth of Sandwich Blitz they can use Virtual Teams to communicate electronically instead of face to face that way they don’t have to stop what they are doing and leave the country to have a meeting, when in fact they can set up a manager meeting and see them virtually face to face by web cam online. This also means that they now have Transnational Teams that spread to multiple countries.

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