El Conejo Malo by Bad Bunny

12 December 2019

My opinion to this album for me it’s great and cant explain it more than that. Many of his songs are hits and he never goes solo meaning he puts in different rappers to make his music more interesting. His deep voice makes his music more exciting because at the same time with his deep voice he can rap fast. His meaning in the songs is mainly love, sex, and money meaning it has curse words to express his meaning. Every song that Bad Bunny has it means something like money or love and more.

His songs went to the sky because every song has over 500 million views on his hit songs like ?Soy Peor? that song has 541 million views and 2.9 million likes. His songs had been skyrocketing. ?Soy Peor? gives a meaning of how the girl he was dating cheated on him and telling her he has better than her and he is better alone. It’s extraordinary how his songs could just go around the world from many languages.

One of his songs hit 624 million views from the song “Tu no vives asi”this song went off the roof and finally hit that big number. Even people that only speak English hear his songs because the beat of the song takes the whole song to next level. The original name of Bad Bunny is Benito Antonio Benitez and that made it in the news that he calls himself bad when he has a small name as Benito. Mostly all of his songs have bad words but the only song that has no curse word is “Amorfoda” it’s mostly about him leaving her because she is not enough.

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