El Corazón

7 July 2019

Steve Earle isn’t exactly a Spanishname, so don’t start thinking that you will need a translator forthis CD. Raised in Texas, he rocks. Of course, it’s not exactlytoday’s mainstream kind of rock, which is mostly emo or punk. Hiswork may seem like country, but it is more of a mix of the two, countryrock. Steve Earle often leans more toward the rock side of things, buthe is never fully on one side.

Released in 1997, “ElCorazon” marked the return of Steve Earle with strong sales.Following the formula of his previous “I Feel Alright,”“El Corazon” blends folk, country and rock. Earle also playsa number of songs with other artists including Emmylou Harris on“Taneytown” and The Fairfield Four on “TelephoneRoad.”

The CD uses guitar, harmonica, fiddle, tambourine,organ and saxophone in combinations that create an incredible soundenjoyable for both country and rock fans.

“I Still CarryYou Around” and “Other Side of Town” are two of themost country songs on the CD.

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In fact, I believe that, from a rockfan’s standpoint, Steve Earle performs the most enjoyable countrymusic around. I also believe he plays some of the best rock out there.It is unfortunate that his music is not played on mainstreamradio.

I recommend “El Corazon” to any country orroot rock fan out there. I also encourage diehard mainstream rock fansto give this CD a spin. I have a CD case full of Metallica, Pearl Jam,Smashing Pumpkins and Green Day, so I am right there with you, but SteveEarle is a great artist, and “El Corazon” is a great CD.You’ll see.

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