El Corazon No Tiene Cara by Prince Royce

11 November 2018

*Music Review*
I have listened to the album “El Corazon No Tiene Cara” by Prince Royce. The overall tone and message of this album is that the heart can’t judge who you like you make that decision and to love no matter what. Prince Royce is a Hispanic Singer. He fits in the category of Bachata.He mostly always sings about a girl and how much he loves her and respects her and how he feels about her, and they all are almost always. The album elCorazon No Tiene Cara” (Our Heart Has No Face) does compare to other albums. His message is basically it doesn’t matter how you look or if your pretty or no. His message is it just matters how you feel about that person and if you truly love them. Prince Royce is Dominican; He started his career when he signed on with Top Stop Music label. Today he is famous through out the world. Go Prince Royce!

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