El Nino La Nina Essay Research Paper

10 October 2017

El Nino La Nina Essay, Research Paper

As the eastern trade air currents lessening, the western Pacific & # 8217 ; s warm H2O flows toward the Americas. This elephantine mass of warm H2O flows over the colder H2O of the eastern Pacific. As this occurs, we get what is called El Nino, or the kid. Its name ( & # 8221 ; the kid & # 8221 ; ) is derived from its reaching during the Christmas season. Typical conditions forms of El Nino include an addition in surface temperatures every bit good as an addition in cloud screen over the equator. Besides, for unknown grounds, a big high force per unit area system is formed over Australia while a low force per unit area system is formed over the cardinal Pacific. Because air currents move out of a high and into a low, the clouds that were formed over the Equator, are blown easterly towards the western seaside. Besides, the Jet Stream is altered so that it blows straight over the Atlantic Ocean, therefore dramatically diminishing hurricanes for that twelvemonth.

But when the warm Waterss brought on by El Nino recede, the cold Waterss of the Pacific Ocean move eastward and convey with it La Nina, the small miss. La Nina has a assortment of different names such as El Viejo, anti-El Nino or merely & # 8220 ; cold event & # 8221 ; . When the heater Pacific H2O is pushed westward by the trade air currents, that H2O flows toward Asia and makes room for the colder, deep sea H2O, to lift and flux to the Americas. Because cold H2O doesn & # 8217 ; t evaporate, there is a big decrease in the formation of storm clouds. The conditions forms of La Nina are fundamentally an exact antonym of El Nino. Strong high force per unit area systems signifier over the Pacific and low force per unit area systems are discovered over Australia. Westerly trade air currents push the warm Waterss west. The one time thick cloud screen over the equator is split. Because of the opposite force per unit area systems, the Jet Stream is badly dis

torted and Atlantic storms gain strength, and Numberss. Besides, the hurricane season is more terrible because of the Jet Stream change.

To compare El Nino and La Nina I made three different charts. Each one of the charts represents a different climatic alteration, temperature fluctuation, rainfall and snowfall. The information was taken over a period of the three months of December, January, and February for the past two old ages. Besides included in the charts are the day-to-day and monthly conventions ( The & # 8220 ; normal & # 8221 ; was based on monthly records for the past 60 old ages ) . All the information was gathered from the NWS web site for the Albany Airport. Included with the charts is all the corresponding informations.

From my charts I discovered many different and interesting things. One thing I found was that El Nino produced a genuinely a warmer than mean winter. Besides I discovered that La Nina was non needfully a colder winter but a more utmost one ( utmost intending big fluctuations of hot and cold temperatures ) . I besides drew several decisions from the snowfall informations. One thing was that El Nino doesn & # 8217 ; Ts have rather every bit much snow as a normal winter does. Unfortunately, by looking at La Nina & # 8217 ; s informations, the snowfall was really unpredictable and inconclusive. Surprisingly, the rainfall informations was really different from the expected sums. Since La Nina winters are colder, they are said non to hold every bit much rain as normal, but in this instance it had the most out of the three. Another surprise was that El Nino is a much warmer winter but it didn & # 8217 ; t have the sums of rain that La Nina did.

In decision, I believe that El Nino and La Nina both affect the Northeast & # 8217 ; s clime. Although it doesn & # 8217 ; t impact us every bit dramatically as on the West Coast, these two climatic phenomenons are really unpredictable and still can change our seasons.

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