Elderly Driver Dangers Essay Research Paper What

10 October 2017

Aged Driver Dangers Essay, Research Paper

What should be done to maintain aged drivers and others safe on the route?

Equally society as a whole gets to be older and more older people are on the route, the safety for the older driver and the other automobilists is going a job we are all traveling to confront. The & # 8216 ; baby boomer & # 8217 ; coevals is acquiring older. There are many options to the job but which one is the best? We need to take safety for our roads and the rights of the older driver into consideration. Older drivers are equal to teens in the high figure of accidents they cause. With immature drivers it is rawness that causes accidents. With older drivers it is the rate of their reaction clip. We do non desire to know apart against the older driver. There are good and bad drivers of every age. Do we do safe driving an age issue or should we prove and develop all insecure drivers?

There are three possible ways to implement a alteration.

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First, have the aged over the age of 65 renew their licences every two old ages. The driver can hold their eyes examined each clip of reclamation. It will besides maintain path of their accident rate or tickets they have received in the preceding interval.

The 2nd manner of implementing this is to hold route trials at each reclamation. This alternate seems a small extreme and expensive for the motor vehicle section. With the figure of citizens going older it would be impossible to offer adequate drive trials. The discourtesies that aged drivers are being charged with are minor and are normally a inquiry of physiological reactions and eyesight non unsafe driving wonts. Therefore a mandatory-driving trial is remarkably rough merely to control the aged driver.

The 3rd option is a combination of the first two. As drivers get above the age of 65 the licence could be renewed every two old ages, eyes examined and records checked. If the drivers were shown to hold insecure drive by commendation so the drivers who habitually are more unsafe would be given a impulsive trial. The aged can be offered a defensive drive class at a community college or at the DMV office. Merely a

limited figure of drivers should be required to take route trials and if they do, it should be in their ain auto, and practising the moves that cause the most jobs for older drivers. As drivers get above 75 old ages old a compulsory defensive drive class could be required. The older driver could hold privileges taken off in a similar mode. As the driver’s seeing is decreasing, the limitation of lone daytime drive might be implemented. As privileges are taken away the cost of the licence should be reduced. If we as a society take away the rights of older drivers to drive, the older coevals will free some of their freedom. For some aged citizens, drive is merely manner for them to travel to the physician and to purchase food markets.

A concluding option, like medical trials for older drivers has non worked. These thoughts have to be voted on by the populace and since the populace is acquiring older, it has been voted down. They would be voting to restrict their rights. The most frequent offenses reported by DMV are slow reaction clip and vision jobs ; these should be on a regular basis monitored and tested. Many older drivers may merely welcome the opportunity to brush up on their drive accomplishments. Many drivers learned to drive when many fewer drivers were on the route and the roadways were less complicated. We can non insulate aged drivers, for some it is the lone transit available to them.

In decision, I think a combination of the options is the best manner to travel. Drivers over the age of 65 would regenerate their licences every two old ages and they can hold their eyes examined at that clip. An optional defensive drive class could be offered. As a driver reaches the age of 75 a drive this trial would be compulsory. A compulsory trial should be given for aged drivers between 65-75 with questionable drive records. These alterations can be implemented over the following four old ages. In order to see if these alterations are making good, statistics of senior citizens driving records from 2000-2004 can be compared to those of 1995-1999. If the figure of accidents and commendations has gone down the province authoritiess will cognize that the alterations have worked.

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