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9 September 2017

Eleanor Of Aquitaine Essay, Research Paper

In a palace in Berlin, in the twelvemonth 1122, a babe miss with bluish eyes and blond hair was born to the duke and duchess of the most of import country of France: Aquitaine. This beautiful kid was to go the Duchess of Aquitaine and the Queen of France, the Duchess of Normandy and the Queen of England. Eleanor of Aquitaine was arguably the most interesting adult female of her clip. She influenced many of her clip period? s most powerful work forces.

Eleanor was born to be a leader. Her male parent, William X, Duke of Aquitaine, had no male inheritor and felt lucky to hold a girl like Eleanor. Her intelligence impressed him, so he saw to it that his girl received the best schooling possible. She turned out to be an first-class pupil. After her female parent died when she was eight, Eleanor spent most of her clip with her male parent. Eleanor accompanied her male parent all over Aquitaine, larning at an early age how an of import land should be ruled. Eleanor was devastated when her male parent died in 1137. Despite her unhappiness, there was besides a good side to his decease: she had become the richest inheritress in France. Because of her immature age and the fact that she was a adult female, many people doubted her right to govern Aquitaine. This left her in a unsafe place, so for protection she was engaged to the prince, Louis VII. When Prince Louis became King, Eleanor was 15 and she became Queen of France.

Eleanor ruled as queen for 15 old ages. To her discouragement, she discovered that the queen had small power in the opinion of France. Because Eleanor was such and ambitious adult female, the male monarch? s advisers feared her influence over the male monarch. Eleanor turned to political relations when her royal position was non plenty to win an statement. She sagely remembered the influence she still had in Aquitaine over its powerful dukes who had ne’er liked Louis, following him merely because of his confederation with Eleanor. When Louis decided to head the Second Crusade in 1147 and the Queen announced that she would attach to him, the male monarch? s advisers were against it. Eleanor argued that the work forces of Aquitaine would be willing to fall in the expedition if she were to put an illustration for them by traveling. The advisers thought this was logical logical thinking and they needed more work forces to fall in, so Eleanor was aloud to fall in them in their journey.

Since the beginning of their matrimony, Eleanor found her weak, dull hubby really small to her liking so she spent much of her clip going with out him. Forced to pass clip together during their journey to the Holy Land, Eleanor and Louis began to contend. They quarreled over her program to protect Jerusalem by driving back the Turks in the North. Louis ignored her advice and arranged for Eleanor to be sent place against her will. Both the campaign and their matrimony failed shortly after. In 1152 Eleanor petitioned the Pope to invalidate her matrimony to Louis on the stalking-horse that they were excessively closely related by blood. The King and his advisers forced Eleanor was to give up her two girls, Marie and Alix, and tearfully, Eleanor said adieu and returned place.

Reverting back to her place as Duchess of Aquitaine, Eleanor one time once more he

ld the power over her land. She realized she was now in the same topographic point she had been 15 old ages earlier and one time once more would be forced to get married, but this clip she was in a place to take her following hubby. She selected Henry Plantagenet of Anjou, Duke of Normandy, the 2nd most powerful country in France, who was besides in line to go the King of England. In 1154, the brace was crowned in Britain and Henry became King Henry II. Eleanor had now gained the most powerful place, after that of the male monarch. She now ruled both Aquitaine and England. Besides, unlike her first hubby, Henry valued her sentiment and took her advice.

Eleanor and Henry had eight kids, three of which would assist their female parent do their male parent? s ruin. Governing both states in his topographic point while he was off suppressing other lands, the King and Queen drifted apart. Their matrimony was doomed when Eleanor discovered that her hubby had had several personal businesss. Bitter that she had been deprived of the right to govern for so many old ages, she devised a program to subvert the King. In 1173 with the aid of her boies John, Richard, and Geoffrey Eleanor succeeded in her program. Fearing her aspirations Henry II had Eleanor imprisoned until his ain decease in 1189.

Eleanor helped her boy Richard regulation England and when he died, she did the same for John. Although unlike Richard, John resisted her aid, she continued to maintain him out of problem by doing orders in his name without his cognition. Eleanor spent the last old ages of her life going between England and France conveying the two states together and doing peace in England. She spent most of her last yearss in shelter for adult females called Fontevrault and was buried at the abbey in 1204 at the age of eighty-two.

Eleanor had a passion for the humanistic disciplines in any signifier, and throughout her life she brought them with her wherever she went. Used to her household & # 8217 ; s exciting palace in Aquitaine, the immature Eleanor found the Paris palace drilling. Eleanor rapidly brought it to life. She loved acquisition, and invited great heads from all over the state to her tribunal. She on a regular basis attended talks of the celebrated theologian Abelard. Eleanor introduced far more to Paris than merely rational things. She introduced Paris to the civilization she had known at place: music, all right tapestries, new manners, dance, and good nutrient. When she married Henry and moved to England, the Queen one time once more turned the blue English palace into a centre for those interested in the humanistic disciplines. The yearss were filled with tourneies and dramas, and the darks with banqueting. Everything was celebrated in the award of love. Most significantly, everyplace Eleanor went, she supported something about unheard of in the clip: regard for adult females.

Eleanor achieved so many things in her clip that it was unheard of for a adult female to make in her clip. Having been Queen of two states during her life she contributed a batch to maintaining the peace and set uping just regulation in both of her states. Besides Eleanor was one of the first adult females to talk out for adult females? s rights and take action for fairer intervention for adult females. Eleanor of Aquitaine will ever be remembered as one of the great adult females in history.

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