Eleanor Rigby Essay Research Paper Eleanor RigbyLooking

8 August 2017

Eleanor Rigby Essay, Research Paper

Eleanor Rigby

Looking near at the verse form turned hit vocal, Eleanor Rigby, reveals that it is the analysis of why the alone people are so lonely. The two characters Eleanor Rigby and Father McKenzie are connected by the church, in this instance it is same church in which Father McKenzie preaches and Eleanor Rigby cleans.

Eleanor Rigby / Picks up the rice in the church where a nuptials has been ( lines 1- 4 ) . It is non evident instantly but Eleanor is a custodian at the church. When writers John Lennon and Paul McCartney talk about she Lives in a dream, ( line 5 ) the responses about ever reflect on Eleanor s dream to some twenty-four hours get married. The controversial line Wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door. ( line 7 ) had many mentalities. The face is likely the face that she puts on to look beautiful, the jar being the make-up jar from which the face comes.

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She waits each dark by her window, waiting for a company, all prettied up with no 1 to notice ( Entry Points ) . Eleanor Rigby idea of as a heroic character uses the jar by the door. ( line 7 ) to dissemble the desperation inadmissible by English in-between category etiquette ( The Eleanor ) . When I read the line I thought it symbolized two sides to her personality there is the side that waits in desperation at her place merely desiring person to come and soothe her and the other side is the one she puts on when she goes out he door to cover up any existent or over-whelming feelings that she might hold.

Though he has a higher place in life than Eleanor Rigby, Father McKenzie is no more successful. He writes the words to a discourse that no 1 will hear, ( line 14 ) . When he says, no 1 will hear, it does non needfully intend that no 1 is present in the church, it could merely be no 1 is transporting through by practising more sort and reverent Acts of the Apostless toward O

thers. Father McKenzie is a alone adult male which is obvious because:

No 1 comes near

Look at him working,

Darning his socks in the dark when there s cipher at that place. ( lines 15- 17 )

He is making what so would be thought of as adult females s work ( darning his socks ) while she does what work forces normally did in the sixtiess ( Entry Points ) . You would believe the two would acquire together. But the church, in fact, makes it impossible, for priests can non get married ( Entry Points ) . Stating What does he care? ( line 18 ) Tells me that he has become accustomed to making things that a married woman would usually make around the family.

The magnitude of:

Eleanor Rigby

Died in a church and was buried along with her name.

Cipher came. ( lines 23- 25 )

Leads you to believe that Eleanor Rigby ne’er married and was childless and friendless ( Entry Points ) . At her funeral it seems the lone thing he s [ Father McKenzie ] concerned about is his unsuccessful discourse. Wiping the soil from his custodies ( line 27 ) even seems to propose he s rinsing his custodies of duty to this alone adult female ( Entry Points ) . The comment was made that No 1 was saved. ( line 28 ) . It could hold been a sarcastic comment made by Father McKenzie or prefiguration, of the shortly to be decease of the alone curate.

The curate of the church should see that he has a dreaming, lonely adult female sitting in the dorsum of the chapel, nuptials after marrying. Because no actions were taken Eleanor Rigby dies entirely, due to the fact she was unable to state anyone how she felt. Father McKenzie s discourse will non be heard, non that he cares really much about his parishioners, because spiritual religion has perished along with communal kernel. By holding a definite terminal to the verse form turned hit song we know that Eleanor Rigby s life was terminated.

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