Eleanor Roosevelt’s Mark on Society

4 April 2015
A discussion on Eleanor Roosevelt’s political, social and cultural achievements.

This paper discusses Eleanor Roosevelt?s personality, political achievements and her relationship with the mass media. The author gives examples of how she left her mark on the American society and culture.
`It is hard not to admire Eleanor Roosevelt even if we judge her by the standards of the 21st century in which we expect women to take their place in public life with assurance and intelligence. It is impossible not to admire her if we consider her accomplishments within the context of the decades bracketing World War II. She was one of the first women to make such an indelible mark on American society and culture. There are a number of reasons for her success – including her intelligence, her moral and ethical commitment to social justice, her ability to work hard, her refusal to be discouraged. But one of the most important keys to her success was the deft way in which she handled and used the mass media (especially newspapers and radio) to help promote the causes that she believed to be most important as well as to create a sense of self. This paper examines her relationship with the mass media, how she used it, was shaped by it, helped to shape it – and the legacy that she created for both the women who have come after her and the continuing ways in which the mass media have been affected by her work. `

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