Election 2000 Essay Research Paper Election 2000

9 September 2017

Election 2000 Essay, Research Paper

Election 2000

& # 8220 ; He graduated from Harvard University, joined the ground forces and went to war in Vietnam even though he opposed the war and exhausted six-teen old ages in Congress & # 8221 ; ( Martinez 13A ) . His name is Vice President Al Gore. Al Gore is the most qualified campaigner for presidential term with his strong positions on instruction, and abortion. These are hard subjects that Al Gore handles intelligently and respectfully. Al Gore is a Democrat, but his positions about resemble a broad. Mr. Bush is the Governor of Texas with a salesman & # 8217 ; s attack to running the United States of America. Al Gore is the most active Vice president in history, demoing there really is a intent to the occupation other than a tie ledgeman in the House of Representatives ( Ryan 13A ) . Mr. Bush has been caught in prevarications about contending to & # 8220 ; base on balls measures that he personally vetoed, which got passed by a veto over-ride & # 8221 ; . Mr. Gore has definite programs to halt prescription drug companies from monetary value force outing the consumer. He besides opposes a state gross revenues revenue enhancement. Al Gore has no discriminate values, he believes that homosexuals should hold the right to function in the military and should hold the rights that every homo being deserves. Governor Bush did drop industrial emanations somewhat in the province of Texas, but Texas still ranks last out of the 50 provinces ( Ryan 13A ) .

Governor Bush & # 8217 ; s positions on instruction reform are unfair, non called for and dissing to the people of America. Would you trust a adult male to run the United States who would throw a kid in gaol for interrupting a category? Bush said & # 8220 ; I want a new sort of school, tough love academies, and boot cantonments and as the last halt, more beds in our juvenile justness system & # 8221 ; ( qtd. in Issues2000 ) . This does non sound like a adult male I would project my ballot for. Tough love academies, boot cantonments to vouch the right to larn with out break. This assembles an ground forces, non a school. At most, schools give detainments and suspend or throw out pupil as last resort for breaks. Bush wants to set up a zero tolerance policy for break, giving instructors the right to for good take pupils from category. This is a policy instructors already abuse in high school, and holding a jurisprudence behind them would merely do things worse. Governor Bush has an thought called the Silver Scholarships in which a senior citizen spends five-hundred hours tutoring pupils after school gaining their grandchildren or kids a recognition of a thousand dollars for school ( Issues2000 ) . At an hourly pay of two dollars an hr, they could do four times that tossing Burgers at a fast nutrient eating house. Governor Bush said, & # 8220 ; Today & # 8217 ; s aged are the best-educated coevals of seniors in history and many are eager to assist & # 8221 ; ( qtd. in Issues2000 ) . It may be really hard converting a group of aged people that they are the smartest group of all time, but there services are merely deserving two dollars an hr.

Vice President Al Gore & # 8217 ; s program for instruction gets to the root of the job and solves it. Gore plans on actively helping parents fighting to acquire their childs though college. He has a program for a ten-thousand dollar revenue enhancement decrease for parents paying college tuition ( Issues2000 ) . This would intend a net revenue enhancement economy of about eight-hundred dollars for tuition paying parents. There is a similar jurisprudence to this proposal which presently helps large corporations send their higher paid employees to college. Al Gore is seeking to do it just for single households. Gore wants to hold instructors tested to see their academic ability, and proposes salary fillips for the most successfully qualified. He proposes to cut down category size, giving pupils more one on one clip with the instructor. Al Gore plans on engaging one-hundred-thousand instructors to cut down over herding jobs ( Issues2000 ) . I know that without equal one on one tim

vitamin E, I was non able to inquire the instructor extra inquiries, because he or she was to busy seeking to command the overcrowded schoolroom. The Vice President promises that one time elected, he will see that there will be a “fully-qualified, good trained instructor in every schoolroom, everyplace in America by the terminal of the following presidential term” ( issuues2000 ) . Governor Bush has strong positions on abortion that reflect his prolife party and are non the women’s pick. Bush has adopted a pro-life board, which reflects a place against all abortions. The Republican Party contains a pro-life constitutional amendment which they are seeking to hold ratified by the States. In the proposed pro-life amendment there is no exclusion for instances affecting colza, or incest. It doesn’t even reference ague and present dangers to the female parents life. Bush said, ” I believe in all those exclusions, but I don’t think the amendment should be refined” ( qtd. in Issues2000 ) . He besides said, “I think we need to maintain the platform the manner it is, it is pro-life” ( qtd.in Issues2000 ) . I believe that if a adult females is non in a physical or mental status to hold a kid, it is her pick to do, non the authoritiess. This is a major constitutional issue clearly traversing the line of basic freedom. He besides wants to set up parental presentment demands. If a adult female chooses non to state her parents of her gestation, for any ground, it is her exclusive determination. I know several adult females from high school who elected to undergo an abortion, which in their heads was lifesaving. Each had the pick of let go ofing the kid for acceptance, but choose non to. With Bush as president, they would hold been forced to undergo childbearing.

Al Gore has strong positions about abortion that are in the best involvements of adult females. Gore, like George Bush, oppose partial birth abortions, but Bush wants to forbid them wholly. Gore opposes wholly censoring partial birth abortions. Bush & # 8217 ; s party is seeking to take away the Medicaid support for all abortions, while Gore supports Medicaid support for all clinical abortions. Gore believes that a politician should non make up one’s mind what is medically or mentally right in a peculiar state of affairs. He believes the lone individual who can reply the inquiry is the adult females herself. Vice President Al Gore believes adult females capable of doing the right pick when sing an abortion. He opposes Bush & # 8217 ; s parental presentment Torahs, which violate a adult female & # 8217 ; s freedom. Gore believes that the authorities should take a positive measure toward cut downing abortions by advancing the value of life. He believes that abortion should be & # 8220 ; legal and rare & # 8221 ; ( Al Gore for President ) . He wants to do certain that a citizen can walk into a abortion clinic with out being harassed or attacked. He has voted for Torahs to penalize torment and force. There have been many incidents of belongings harm, personal hurt, and even slaying performed by those opposing abortion. I believe that it is incorrect for a adult female to digest the hard procedure of taking an abortion, so to be capable to force or hurt.

In decision, Al Gore should be everyone & # 8217 ; s pick in the presidential election. He stands strong on hard issues such as instruction and abortion. He does non necessitate on the occupation preparation. He has been in Congress for 16 old ages and Vice President for eight old ages. Far more than lending a tie interrupting congressional ballot, Al Gore has been the most active and influential Vice President in history. George Bush is non the best adult male available to face the huge duties and universe leading required by the presidential term. Al Gore possesses proved leading abilities, political expertness, cognition and experience in foreign personal businesss, and a definite and comprehensive program for domestic plans, and is hence them most logical pick for president.

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