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9 September 2017

Election Of 1908 Essay, Research Paper


Election of 1908

In the election of 1908 there were tree chief campaigners. His powerful voice, and

this great influence on the people was why the Democrats picked William Jennings

Bryan to run for President. The Republican Party picked William Howard Taft because

he was thought extremely of by Theodore Roosevelt. The Third Party campaigner was Eugene

Debs, who was picked by the Socialist Party. He was the lone campaigner to run for

presidential term of the United States from a prison cell. There were four other campaigners.

They were Eugene Chafin for the Prohibition Party, Thomas Hisgen for the Independence

Party, Thomas Watson for the Populist Party, and August Gillhaus for the Socialist Labor

Party. ( A History of Presidental Elections )

The two chief campaigners Taft, and Bryan campaigned all over the united provinces.

Taft won most of the electoral ballots in the North. His greatest triumphs would be

Pennsylvania with 30 four electoral ballots and New York with 30 nine electoral

ballots. Bryan won most of the Southern States. His greatest triumph would be Texas with

merely 18 electoral ballots. The greatest per centum of Popular Votes for Taft was 63 %

from Maine. Bryan & # 8217 ; s greatest per centum of Popular Votes was 94 % for South Carolina.

Six of eight Maryland voters cast their ballots for Bryan, even though Taft won the province

by six hundred and five ballots, which was about two-tenths of one per centum. ( A History of

Presidental Elections )

The 1908 election stood out compared to past elections because everyone

assumed that with the power Theodore Roosevelt had he would run once more and go

President for a 3rd term. Roosevelt agreed with George Washington & # 8217 ; s tw

o term program.

Washington started this because he thought that being president any longer so two footings

would do you like a male monarch about. Alternatively of running once more Roosevelt picked person

he thought he could swear to run the State as he would. Roosevelt could hold picked

anyone and with his endorsing they likely would of won. Alternatively he picked a 50 twelvemonth

old attorney from Cincinnati, Ohio. Who by quincidence he was good friends with. ( A

History of Presidental Elections )

The eldritch thing about Taft was that he was ne’er elected to any office. He was

ever appointed to places. In 1887 Taft was appointed Judge in Ohio Supreme

Court. In 1890 Taft was made U.S. Solicitor General. Taft was appointed U.S. Circut

Court Judge in 1892. In 1901 he was appointed Governor of the Philippines, and so

Secretary of War in 1904 given to him by Roosevelt. ( Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia )

With Roosevelt endorsing Taft in the election of 1908 there was nil fillet

him. The election ended with Eugene Debs with four hounded 20 thousand eight

hundred 50 eight electoral ballots, William J. Bryan with one billion six hundred

twenty six million four hundred 10s thousand six hundred 60s five electoral ballots,

and eventually Taft with three billion two hundred 17 million six hundred 70

nine thousand one hundred 14 electoral ballots. Taft was officially the 20

7th President. ( Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia )

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