Electoral College 2 Essay Research Paper The

10 October 2017

Electoral College 2 Essay, Research Paper

The Incontestable Necessity for the Electoral College

Criticism as to the relevance of the Electoral College system used in our presidential elections has been around since the execution of the system into our fundamental law. This unfavorable judgment, nevertheless, is without true ground and common sense added into these premises. Most who criticize, possess non the slightest apprehension of the true footing of its execution and continued usage throughout the history of our state & # 8217 ; s elections. The proposed amendment to the fundamental law that would extinguish the Electoral College system would do the state to be dependent on the popular ballot system conveying jobs to the election procedure. The Electoral College has been around since the foundation of the United States, gives added importance to minority groups in our elections, and poses less of a hazard to the unity of the election.

The thought of the Electoral College was implicated in Article 2 Section 1 of the original Constitution of the United States of America over 200 old ages ago.

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It allocated each province voters equal to the figure of province representatives and senators within that province, which satisfied the demands of both big and little provinces. In over 40 presidential elections, this procedure has been utilized and brought away many old ages of national harmoniousness and fusion behind one adult male who is elected to office. Due to the instead successful history of our state behind the electoral system, why should we put on the line losing this harmoniousness over unadvised unfavorable judgment? The statistics show that the electoral system has been effectual since its execution and has given quick, and accurate consequences to our election for the president. & # 8220 ; No election system is perfect, but the current system has borne the trial of time. & # 8221 ; ( Time to Reform the Electoral College? , Section 3. ) Examination over this system has been at an all clip high as of late, due to our current state of affairs of a contested election by the democratic campaigner. Due to a deficiency of support, the Electoral College is non allotted the justification for the system that would be required to to the full grok the cogency of its being. It even helps to protect the voice of its oppressors.

The minority population of the United States is turning at an exponential rate every twelvemonth. Traditionally, the bulk of the minority ballot has been added into the democratic column in the elections. Ironically, it is the democratic influence that is forcing for the disenfranc

hisement of the Electoral College. What they fail to recognize nevertheless is that by utilizing the Electoral College in our presidential election, their voice as a whole is protected. Minority votes history for approximately 25 % of the population of the United States. If we were to exchange to a popular vote method, the bulk, hence doing their ballot to be of less importance, would dominate minority ballots. In our current system a larger sum of electoral ballots is awarded to the campaigner who wins provinces such as California, New York, Texas, and Florida. By holding a big population in these provinces, their ballots combine to present the electoral ballots to the campaigner of their pick. ” even little minorities in a State may do the difference between winning all of that State’s electoral ballots or none of that State’s electoral votes.” ( The Electoral College, Section 12. ) If a popular vote method were in topographic point they would hold less of a voice. It besides helps to maintain the hazard factors at a lower limit.

If our great state were to follow a direct election by popular ballot, it would go forth the state in arrant confusion. & # 8220 ; The Electoral College ballot tends to be less in uncertainty than the popular electoral ballot, for two grounds: Merely a few provinces will hold close races, even if the national ballot is near, and he electoral ballot tends to amplify the border of the victor. & # 8221 ; ( EC Webzine Section 5. ) If the election were to travel to a popular ballot, the already boring undertaking of matching the ballot would go even more hard. Alternatively of halting the count when a victor is about certain, every ballot in the state must be counted. If there was a really close race, there would be no manner to find which provinces should be recounted because they would wholly be tallied up together. There is besides a job with the clip it would take to execute the numeration of the ballots and the allotted clip in order to hold consequences certified. By jurisprudence, the ballots must hold a concluding enfranchisement within 30 yearss of the election and the numeration of the ballots would take much more than this clip.

As you can really good see, the accurate and time-honoured tradition of use of the Electoral College should non be eliminated or altered. It has served our state for infinite old ages, and provides a method of voting that has fewer hazards and protects the minorities. It has gone over 200 old ages supplying our state with speedy and accurate consequences to our presidential election, and has provided harmoniousness amongst the parties, and in no manner should be altered due to an uneducated determination.

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