Electoral College Should Be Here To Stay

10 October 2017

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Title: The Electoral College Should Be Here to Stay

General Purpose: To carry

Specific Purpose: To carry persons that the Electoral College is non at mistake for the

2000 Presidential election


I. Attention Getter- magazine screens ( 11/20 Newsweek and New Republic

II. Thesis Statement- I am here to state you that the Electoral College is non to fault for the current province of the 2000 presidential election, but alternatively a combination of factors.

III. Statement of Significance- Wallace Sayre, ? The Electoral College method of electing a President of the United States is antediluvian, undemocratic, complex, equivocal, indirect, and unsafe. ?

IV. Preview

a. Replaying Election Night and Beyond

B. Explaining and Defending the Electoral College

c. Introducing the Real Causes of This Election? s Problems

Passage to organic structure


I. Election Night and Beyond ( board one )

a. Indiana

I. 6:00 pm- IN polls near

two. 6:01 pm- Prediction spring IN to Bush

b. Florida

I. 7:00 pm- FL polls near

two. 7:47 pm- FL goes to Gore based on issue polls

three. 9:54 pm- FL goes back to? excessively near to name?

four. 2:18 am- FL goes to Bush

v. 4:04 am- FL goes back to? excessively near to name?

c. Since

I. Automatic recount to Bush

two. Partial manus recounts to Bush

three. Gore? s competition of consequences and tribunal conflicts

Now that I? ve gone over some inside informations of the election, I now will explicate the Electoral College.

II. Electoral College ( board two )

a. Definition

I. Equal to # of senators and reps Example One

two. Example One

three. Example Two

four. Add them up, acquire 538, 270 to win

B. Reasoning

I. Put up to give smaller provinces a say in taking a president

two. Majority regulation w/ minority rights

c. But My Vote Doesn? T Count in Indiana? It Would in a Direct Election

I. One individual, one ballot? ca

ndidates will run everyplace

1. WRONG, focal point will be merely on metropoliss, Indiana? s focal point stays the same

2. ? Battlegrounds? like WI, IA, NM, OR, NH will intend nil

d. Small provinces will acquire no representation

I. New Hampshire illustration ( Crawley )

two. CA = 54, smallest 16 states= 60

three. MT West will hold no influence, lumber illustration

e. Would acquiring free of it solve the job?

I. NO, Popular ballot difference is less than 400,000 out of 90,000,000

two. Result = 50 provinces of recounts alternatively of one = no pres by 1/20/01

So now that you know some background of election dark and the Electoral College, what was the job with this election?

III. What Did It? Media, Exit Polls, and Voting Laws

I. Early anticipations made based on canvassing electors after they voted so a president can be picked by bed clip

two. Very bad! Don? T predict, delay until ballots counted

three. OR- mail in vote system

four. FL- absentees merely postmarked by election twenty-four hours, non at courthouses


I. Summary of Main Points

a. Election Night

B. Electoral College

c. Real Causes

II. What do we make? Necessitate all ballots in on Election Day? Possibly. Lock the media in a cupboard and non allow them out until all the ballots are counted? Couldn? T injury. But abolish the Electoral College. No manner.


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