Electric Barnyard

9 September 2019

I recently bought an album I had been meaning to buy all last year. It is by a country-music group of five men who call themselves The Kentucky Headhunters. They all live in the Kentucky area. Of the five members, there are two sets of brothers. The band consists of Greg Martin, Doug Phelps, Ricky Lee Phelps, Fred Young, and Richard Young. I was introduced to the band by hearing “Cool Sounds” on TNN (The Nashville Network) and later I saw them on the Country Music Awards and on the Grammys. They won one or two Grammys which led to a couple of weeks on the Top 50 Billboard Chart in Rolling Stone magazine. I enjoy listening to most types of music and this album, which has 13 songs, contains a little of everything. “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” and “With Body and Soul” are two of the Astrict-country’ songs. “Diane” and “Spirit in the Sky” both cross into the rock-music scene. There’s even an Elvis Presley-type song, “Love Bug Crawl,” sung just like the King. The other songs also contribute to this second album. (Their first, which I don’t have, was “Pickin’ on Nashville.”) Even if you don’t want to buy this collection of interesting songs, the album’s cover shows what the players’ faces look like. Check it out! Who knows? Maybe you’ll become a fellow Headhunter. n

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