Electrical Engineering Essay Research Paper Electrical EngineeringChoosing

9 September 2017

Electrical Engineering Essay, Research Paper

Electrical Technology

Choosing the right calling can intend the difference between being satisfied and being disappointed with my life. Many factors can act upon the calling that I may hold for the remainder of my life. A determination that I am traveling to do at the immature age of 19 will hold a major impact on the following 10 old ages if non the remainder of my life. In order to do the best determination possible for my hereafter I have decided, if non forced, to research a calling of involvement to me. The two major calling picks I have been interested in for the past few old ages have been technology and instruction. I have already done researched learning so I decided to research technology. There are many different types of technology so I decided to pick the one most interesting to me. Electrical technology is the calling field I have selected to look into.

Engineering is something my parents have urged me to see. Since a immature child I have been interested in constructing things. I use to state my parents I wanted to be an discoverer and construct a clip machine. Legos were my favourite plaything turning up, and I have ever been exceptionally good in math. Since my freshers twelvemonth in high school I have been interested in going a instructor, but during my freshers twelvemonth in college I was going more and more aware of the sum of money lower degree instructors made. Many people were urging technology as a possible calling option so I decided to look into it. Since I have ever found electricity to be cool I decided to larn more about electrical technology as a future calling field.

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles codification for electrical technology is 003.061-010, while the Guide for Occupational Exploration codification is 05.01.01. There is another name for electrical applied scientists ; electronics engineer. The best major to fix me for this calling would be a unmarried man & # 8217 ; s grade in electrical technology. This normally merely takes four old ages, and will acquire me an entry-level place in this field. There are no licences or certificates needed for this field, but the technology school or plan attended must be accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. Some authorities bureaus may necessitate an test to be taken before having an electrical technology place, but most countries of employment have no such tests. There are chances for specialisation in this field. I could work as a contract or be an lineman on my ain. Accredited Board Engineering Technology, Institute of Electrical & A ; Electronic Engineers, Inc, and the Instrument Society of America are three associations that represent people working in this field.

There are legion duties and responsibilities performed by electrical applied scientists. Electrical applied scientists design, and measure the industry, proving, installing, operation, and care of electrical and electronic constituents, equipment and systems. They besides plan and supervise their development and building. Engineers normally specialize in one peculiar country. Electrical applied scientists work with power and light systems equipment, and machinery, with electrical motors and generators. On the other manus Electronic applied scientists work with electronic equipment, and develop applications for these merchandises for different concern and industries. Some of the accomplishments necessary for transporting out these responsibilities are good unwritten comprehension, originality, deductive logical thinking, mathematical logical thinking, job designation, operation analysis, judgement and decision-making, and thought generation/evaluation abilities. I do non hold any solid experience in this field, but I have installed visible radiation bulbs and set up Christmas visible radiations before. Entry wage ranges from $ 2,163 to $ 3,810 per month. After deriving some experience wage can increase to anywhere from $ 2,219 to $ 4,980 per month. The mean top scopes are $ 3,570 to over $ 5, 199 per month. Average wage in 1997 was $ 5,406 per month. To accomplish these top wages a Masterss is normally required.

The work environment for technology can differ greatly depending on the type of electrical technology I decided to travel into. Most applied scientists work on squads and normally work in offices. They must sell their thoughts and persuade people to take their coarse of action as opposed to another. The fact the electrical applied scientists are in competition and must run into deadlines can do electrical technology a high-stress business. Contract electrical applied scientists will happen themselves out-of-doorss at building sights, but they excessively must work on squads. Any country of electrical technology will necessitate me to utilize critical thought and job rating and work outing techniques. Many of the high paying Fieldss of electrical technology requires applied scientists to go rather often to work on undertakings. Traveling may take away valuable household clip, which could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you look at it.

There are besides many other disadvantages and advantages to technology. The wage for electrical applied scientists is reasonably good for a individual with a unmarried man & # 8217 ; s of scientific discipline grade and high for a individual with a maestro. Hours can sometimes be long and maintain a individual off from place is one of the disadvantages. The degree of instruction required for a grade in electrical technology tends to pull a clump of tiring people to electrical technology as a field. An introvert may non wish the fact that applied scientists normally work as a squad. Undertakings may sometimes hold to be taken place. There are many authorities occupations for applied scientists that have highly good benefits, but pay tends to be somewhat lower. Another of import disadvantage or advantage could be depending on whether or non electrical technology lucifers up with my Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest codifications.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, and Value Card Sort are all suppose to supply me with valuable information, which would plus me in doing a good calling pick determination. Did they run into their aim? Lashkar-e-taibas start from the beginning. My 4 missive Myers Briggs codification was ESTP. This means that I am supposed to be an & # 8220 ; action-oriented, resourceful, and realistic persons who prefer to take the most efficient route. & # 8221 ; Reading over the portrayal of an ESTP I found that it was non every bit true as I had hoped it would be. First, life is non ever as exciting about me as the portrayal makes it out to be. Following, I don & # 8217 ; t see myself as being action oriented as it makes me out to be. I find that any incompatibility that there are between the portrayal and myself is due to the fact that I am non clearly and E, S, and/or a T. My scores for these were all really low none making above a 7. It is about clear that I am a Perceiver. I would hold to hold with the P because I so do bask a flexible, self-generated, manner of life better than a planned, decided orderly manner. Some of the suggested businesss for my four-letter codification are Farmers, Mechanics, Military forces, Directors, and Administrators. My two most favourite businesss besides were among them, which were technology and instruction.

Next, my strong involvement codification is SAC ( Social/ Artistic/ Conventional ) . My personal manner sca

lupus erythematosuss for work manner got a mark at 50, which places me, compose mediate working entirely and working with people. My personal manner mark for Learning Environment is 49, which means I lean a small spot towards practical acquisition, but I do non truly prefer either one to the other. I have a 44 for Leadership manner, which illustrates how I do non ever like to take charge if I do non hold to. I got a 66 for my Hazard Taking Personal Style, which means I like to take hazard, and appreciate original thoughts. My top 5 businesss that the Strong involvement Inventory recommended where Elementary School Teacher, Actuary, Musician, Particular Education Teacher, and Computer Programmer. Teaching did look twice in the top five, Engineering did non look. However, Architect is the seventh business listed which is closely related to Engineering.

My top 5 values are Exercise Competence, Creative Expression, Intellectual Status, Artistic creativeness, and Working with Others. Teaching incorporates all of these values. Engineering does non possibly offer as much artistic creativeness and originative look because certain regulations must be followed when making undertakings. Teaching besides has regulations, but a instructor can utilize more creativeness when doing a lesson program every bit long as the pupils learn what needs to be learnt, or the instructor teaches what needs to be taught.

The Strong about did reenforce the Myers-Briggs. My work manner, which is 50 on the Strong, is most similar to my Tocopherol on the Myers-Briggs. I was merely somewhat and E harmonizing to the Myers-Briggs because I got a mark of 3 for extraversion. My mark of 49 with respects to larning environment shows that I prefer practical acquisition to larning in an educational environment. I did acquire an S on the Myers-Briggs, which would about belie the Strong, but the mark was low on both exemplifying that I don & # 8217 ; t truly prefer one manner over the other. My Thymine on the Myers-Briggs besides supports my type of larning environment as non truly counting. Harmonizing to the Strong I am non comfy taking charge and I like to take hazard. I think these were all apparent in my mark of P on the Myers-Briggs, which meant I like a flexible and self-generated manner of life better. My leading manner besides could be what is keeping me back form clearly being an Extrovert.

I am presently in the probationary geographic expedition period of my life. I & # 8217 ; ve been out of high school for a twelvemonth and I am been presently contracting down my thoughts. I have learned a batch about the sort of work I am from working at Disneyland, and have begin to larn the sort of work I enjoy. I have been change my vesture & # 8220 ; manners & # 8221 ; about monthly, and have began to listen to a clump of different sorts of music. I have been experiment with new activities, and some new thoughts. I have non truly started world proving yet, but I do cognize I enjoy developing people and working with others. I believe I chose to come in this category because I was in the geographic expedition stage, now I feel I am nearer to so stop, but non rather in the following phase yet.

A college with a good electrical technology plan is Cal Poly Pomona. If I do travel into electrical technology I will likely travel to Cal Poly Pomona. If I do non take electrical technology I will still travel at that place. As an undergraduate transportation pupil, my admittance demands will be that I will hold a grade point norm of 2.0 or better in all movable units attempted, and must be in good standing at the last college or university attended and meet 1 of 4 criterions. The first of four would be if I met their freshers admittance demands. The following being if I was eligible as a freshers at the clip of high school graduation and have been in uninterrupted attending in an commissioned college since high school graduation. Third would be if I was eligible as a freshers at the clip of high school graduation except for the topic demands, have made up the losing topic demands, and have been in uninterrupted attending in a commissioned college since high school graduation. Last, if I have completed 56 movable semester units ( 84 one-fourth units ) , and have completed 30 semester units, which include all of the general instruction demands in communicating in English linguistic communication and at least three semester units required in mathematics. I besides would hold to complete a clump of lower division major work for technology before I could reassign non their school of technology. I will run into these ends by making all this general instruction and pre-major work at Rancho Santiago Community College and Riverside Community College.

If I become an electrical applied scientist by academic ends are to accomplish a Bachelor of Science grade in electrical technology, travel into an internship, acquire a occupation, travel back to school and acquire my maestro grade. I plan on reassigning in the autumn of 2001 to Cal Poly Pomona. After I get my BS I plan on get downing a household. I will accomplish my ends by analyzing difficult in school and taking the categories needed to go an electrical applied scientist. I will non get down a household until I have a married woman and I have a unafraid occupation. On topographic point of employment I will see is Disney. They use electrical applied scientists for a clump of material, and I know they are a unafraid corporation.

I have learned a batch about calling and research in this category. Valuess are an of import point to see when taking your calling. The more values a calling will let me to show the more satisfied I will be with that calling. I have besides learned a batch about clip direction. Time direction will give me more free clip whether is pull offing my clip while in school, or when I have a occupation someday. Pull offing my clip will let me to be the best male parent I can to my kids, and the best hubby to my married woman. Furthermore, I learned that I was an extravert. At first I thought that & # 8220 ; E & # 8221 ; was a error, but the more I look at myself the more I realize that it is right. For some ground the & # 8220 ; E & # 8221 ; on the Myers Briggs has given me a newfound assurance. This assurance will be valuable when I go for interviews, which leads me to my last major lesson learned. Through this category I have learned a batch about affectional interviewing. This will be really utile in the long tally every bit good as the short tally. I have several interviews for new occupation at Disneyland, and I believe this category has given me an border over other people. This will besides give me an border as an electrical applied scientist or whatever business I choose to come in.

I feel really satisfied with the information I obtained. At times I was bored in this category being the lone male, and holding to listen to a clump of females whine over material I didn & # 8217 ; t care about. With respects to electrical technology I leaned that electrical technology is deadening, and does non look like an business I would bask. The people I talked to about technology were happy with their occupations but were besides swots. I think I should truly see learning as a possible calling pick. Therefore, I am non certain about the calling picks I have made. I think I will seek to major in math and go a math instructor ; I can ever alter my major if I am non happy with how things are traveling. I have learned that my felicity will be increased with better calling satisfaction versus pecuniary addition.

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