Electromagnetism and Free Energy Generator

8 August 2016

Have you ever got into a situation where the whole town blacked out and you found out that it will last for about 1-2 weeks? Or no electricity for a week for some financial problems? Or let’s just say sudden loss of power? Or do you want to save money? Well, you came to the right place. Our investigatory project is all about that. This project can help people in a lot of ways one person could have ever imagined. It’s a multi-purpose and an all-in-one invention. So what are you waiting for? Why not make one now?

Background of the Study The Magnet motor (or magnet engine) free energy generator is a decent, powerful and well-looking topology of a free energy generator. It works on a principle of the powerful neodymium permanent magnets. When the magnetic force reaches the necessary level to overcome the friction, the motor RPM ramps up and reaches the equilibrium value. In the ordinary motor, the magnetic field is generated by the electric coils, usually made of copper (Cu) or sometimes aluminum (Al).

Electromagnetism and Free Energy Generator Essay Example

Because both copper and aluminum are not superconductors (their resistance is not zero), the ordinary electric motor continuously needs the electric power to maintain the magnetic field. I repeat: The ordinary motor needs not only the initial energy, but the continuous supply of energy! The coils are wasting the power, turning it into a heat, because of their resistance. The electric energy has to continuously flow into the system, compensating the energy losses. The Magnet motor has no coils and thus no power losses and can be used even as a free energy generator.

It is using the permanent magnetic field of the magnets to generate the force moving the rotor. For a long time, the magnet motor was only a theoretical concept, because the old ferrite magnets were too weak to generate enough magnetic force to form a practical engine, operable in real world. In last years, much more powerful magnets – the neodymium magnets – came and enabled the practical construction of the old theoretical concept. This is how the Magnet motor free energy generator came into the world. The disadvantage of the magnet motor is that it cannot be controlled electrical way.

You can not shut it down the “solid state” way, eg. By switching a transistor, triac or solid state relay off. The RPM control is also problematic in this kind of motor. On the other hand, there are much more advantages than disadvantages. The biggest advantage is no need for external source of electric power and thus a very cheap operation. This predetermines this motor for construction of the free energy generator units. The practical model of this generator is relatively easy to build. All you need is a suitable set of neodymium magnets. Today, the Nd magnets can be easily bought. Small magnets can be salvaged from an old hard drive.

Very small neodymium magnets can be found even in the CD or DVD drive focusing system. To build the Magnet motor free energy generator, the parts of an ordinary electric motor can be used. The Magnet motor free energy generator is suitable for generating low to high power levels. The maximum power output is much higher than the maximum of the Electric loop free energy generators. The Magnet motor free energy generator is also much better-looking, thus fulfilling also the decoration function. The construction of the Magnet motor free energy generator is, on the other hand, more complicated than the Electric loop system.

To generate useful electricity, you have two options: First option is using the coils of the electrical motor used as a basis of the Magnet motor. This is the easier case, but your motor has to have enough space for both the magnet set and the coil windings. Second option is to connect the Magnet motor mechanically with an ordinary generator. You can directly bond the shafts or use a belt gear. The second version of the Magnet motor free energy generator is capable of generating more power, but also more complicated to build.

The advantage of the second version is that you can remove the coils from the original motor, thus getting much more space for the magnets. This allows much more torque to be generated. Statement of the Problem The study discusses that there is a way on how to make an unstoppable electricity to imply saving money, use for some purposes and to help other people especially those who have financial problems. Henceforth, the following question should be answered: 1. Is there a way to save electricity? 2. Is there a way to use electrical materials even if there’s no electricity? 3. Is there really a way?

4. Is this project really helpful to people? 5. What can this contribute to our lives today? Significance of the Study This investigatory project we’ve made is very important to us especially to those people who wanted to save or who are in need of electricity. This project that we are about to do can help us save money because it does not need any oil/gasoline/wood. It can also be a big help to us especially when we ran out of electricity (brown outs, black outs etc. ). This project can help us use electrical components such as bulbs withy out any consumption and bills needed.

By having this as our investigatory project, we can contribute to our fellow Filipinos an alternative yet unstoppable source of electricity without any hassles. All you need to do is to make our project in advance by reading, following and doing the steps and kaboom, you now have this. By also making this, we can also help people who can’t afford to have their connection because of their own private problems (i. e. financial). As we successfully make this project, we assure you that it can help lots of people who are really in need of this invention because this thing is the next modern equipment to be use and it is an eco-friendly one.

We grab this idea so that we can help our own country and that we can reduce the populations of trash items that can affect our health because almost all of the materials needed in order to do this can just be from recycled. By this, people can also enjoy free source of electricity. Although this is small and it can only produce small value of voltages, through this project, maybe professional people can get ideas through here by developing and molding our project into a better one. Scope and Limitations of the Study

We chose this study simply because this study is our best option and it can help lots of people especially those who were in need. I mean who would not be happy to help right? It also does not cost too much. The fan, though it’s simple, can be turned into an unstoppable source of power supply. Can someone imagine that a simple yet a small fan from the CPU can give us a power only that won’t stop until you wanted it to stop? Thanks to one of our group mate that came up to this idea, we know that the people would like this because it is a big use to us especially right now.

The Philippines is still facing the catastrophe and up to now, lots of people haven’t moved on especially on the Visayan part. This project of ours can help them, we’ve been studying this for almost a month and we are about to finish this successfully. We only limit when our topic when it’s beyond its limits but we are trying our best to scope all of it. Chapter II Review of Literature The topic mainly focuses on the mini fan that was found on CPU. In here, you can find out that this project gives us electricity though the voltages aren’t that high to sustain some normal gadgets/appliances.

This project uses the wonders of magnetic motors. It works on the principal that magnetism can be used to create a continuous motion machine. In other words, the idea is that magnetic properties can create a movement that continues endlessly. At this time, most of the machines created using this principle have utilized rotary motion meaning most of them are circular. According to Joseph Henry (the one who discovered and studied magnetism and saw a change that makes currents flow) “Magnetism is one of the phenomena by

which materials exert” meaning it only happens when a thing is being talked about, when positive and negative exists. Though some people mistakenly believe that a magnetic motor is the same as a regular motor or generator that uses a magnetic force to change electrical energy into mechanical energy well here is the real explanation. In truth, they are two very different things. Unlike the regular motor, the free energy magnetic motor creates movement without any form of electrical energy or movement needed to keep it running. His theory is true, everything that was said are absolutely positive.

Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as a motionless electromagnetic generator. Conceptual Framework Hypothesis Maybe if the magnets circulate smoothly and faster than its constant speed, there’s a possibility that it can produce higher voltages and can be use for some appliances/gadgets etc. that also needs higher voltage in order to be charged or used and when it circulate slower, the voltage it produces lessen. Definition of Terms The term electromagnetic refers to one of the four fundamental interactions in nature, the other three being the strong interaction, the weak interaction, and gravitation.

This force is described by electromagnetic fields, and has innumerable physical instances including the interaction of electrically charged particles and the interaction of uncharged magnetic force fields with electrical conductors. Electromagnetic coil is a conductor (usually an insulated solid copper wire) that is wound around a core or form to create an inductor or electromagnet. When electricity is passed through a coil, it generates a magnetic field. One loop of wire is usually referred to as a turn or a winding, and a coil consists of one or more turns.

Voltage has an electrical potential difference, electric tension or electric pressure (e. g. electricity) Current is the flow of electric charge. Rotary motion means the act of rotating as if on an axis. Chapter III Methodology How to make Materials a computer fan rectifier ( 1 diode + 1 capacitor) load (one resistor and LED) battery Procedure in making the fan rotate first: A computer fan can be used to build a small prototype of the magnet motor. You can se the motor before disassembly (left) and after disassembly (right). The magnets placed into the directions of the coils.

The magnet motor running, needing no electric power. Note: The coils don’t need the electric power any more. The can generate it! But remember, this is a very small unit, so only a little power can be generated. In case you need only the wind from the fan, you can cut the cable. Another prototype of the magnet motor, with the magnets attached using a sticky tape, forming a portable unit. Procedure in using the fan to make the LED light up: Summary: 1. Open the fan. 2. Solder a wire in pin 2 and pin 3 of the 4 pin chip. Those are your coil outputs 3. Take the 2 coil outputs and run through a diode bridge rectifier.

4. Hook up you load in the rectifier output. Detailed Instruction: Step 1: Open the fan by removing the c shaped ring. If it’s taking you more than 10min to open it, the odds are you have a fan that way too hard to open; the best way to do is to look for another one. Each fan manufacturer has their own design and some are just way too hard to open. Step 2: Now that the fan was opened, you want to tap the coil start and end, and tap. Other people found hard to find the coil start & end, but when you find it, there’s a 4-pin component with writing 276: It’s a “UH276, Complementary Outputs Hall Effect Latch IC.

The typical wiring diagram of a computer fan – called a brushless DC fan. Here’s the typical application of the UH276: Based on the typical circuit, solder a wire to pin 2 and one to 3 of the IC 276. Those 2 wires you just soldered are your coil + and coil -. The magnet had enough force to hold the blades in place because you did not touch anything about the magnets so it’s okay. Step 3: Take the 2 coil wires you just soldered and input into the rectifier. For simplicity a 1/2 wave rectifier is enough. It uses one diode and one capacitor. Almost any diode would work (e. g. 1N4148), 10uF.

You may experiment with different cap values. Step 4: The activation voltage for the blue LED is higher than the red. So start with the red LED first. How to test The investigatory project that the research team worked with can be successfully done only if the wiring is connected to the corresponded hole. If not, it will fail. However, there is an assurance that the research team’s investigatory project will work because they are skilled and familiar when it comes to electronics. The research team made this investigatory project possible only through adding the laws of Science and Electronics.

This project does not only teach people how to conserve electricity but also it teaches them to recycle materials that are no longer needed CHAPTER 4 RESULTS AND FINDING: This is an illustration that compares between battery and the fan by its consumption. The bar graph here basically states that if a person uses our invention, which is obviously the CPU fan turned into a small generator, you can not only save energy but also money. Chapter 5 Summary Do you guys know what is this small thing that can supply our need when it comes to energy and can help us save money?

Well, the answer can only be found in the Central Processing Unit’s part (CPU), which is basically the Fan. The research team studied about how they can make this happen. They kept researching about the parts and the usage of the Fan, and finally they found out that they can put some science and techno combined to produce a good invention. This invention will enlighten those future researchers and those people who are curious to make this project more of the next idea and design of the future generation that can save our consumption and also our nature.

Conclusion Therefore, we, the researchers conclude, that a small things and a junk items can be the biggest and helpful things that can be found in our house, just add the knowledge of Science and Technology, you can create a small fan from the CPU as the energy producer, and by this you can save your consumption and the nature as well. Recommendation The research team recommends you to use new proven invention. It’s not only for you to save energy but also to save your daily consumption and our nature as well.

And one thing is for sure that this invention is very portable and flexible, you can use it anytime/anywhere. Acknowledgement First and foremost, my group would like to express our sincere gratitude to God because we finally made this through. Without Him, this would’ve never been finished. Thanks to his encouragement and support. Secondly, to our dear instructor, Ms. Rotche S. Lamban who gave us this golden opportunity to do this project. Without her, this would have never been accomplished. We are really grateful to you because this was made successful.

Also, by this investigatory project, we’ve learned lots of stuffs about how to get an unstoppable source of power supply, about magnets, wiring and most of all, teamwork. After all, it really matters the most. Thirdly, to our parents who supported us by means of financial. Thanks a lot ma, pa, my and dy. Thank you so much. And lastly, to my fellow members who really putted too much effort on this, who never failed to help me. Thank you so much guys, without your cooperation, we won’t make this through. Without you being open-handed to this project, it won’t be like this. Thank you so much. God bless!

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