Electronic Commerce Essay Research Paper IntroductionAs the

Electronic Commerce Essay, Research Paper


As the cyberspace grows in popularity every

twenty-four hours, so excessively does electronic commercialism. Electronic commercialism,

merely set, is the exchange of money for goods and services via electronic

agencies. In other words, electronic commercialism is normally when you purchase

something off of the cyberspace. Electronic commercialism is frequently referred

to as e-commerce, or e-business. In this paper I will be discoursing

the proficient side of e-commerce, security, different points of position sing

e-business, and of class my personal sentiment and experiences.

Background Information:

First I would wish to discourse the types

of e-business. E-business can be anything from buying a wassailer

from a section shop online to look into your bank statement online.

All are illustrations of the many facets of e-business.

There are several facets of e-business

unique to it. When comparing traditional concern to e-business,

one can see several differences between the two.

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The most obvious

difference when purchasing standard goods ( such as a wassailer, a book, or a

new computing machine ) is the shop. When covering with e-business there is

no & # 8220 ; existent & # 8221 ; shop or ware to look at. It is all presented through

the merchandiser & # 8217 ; s web page, or by other electronic agencies. You will non

be able to touch, or inspect possible purchases. All you will hold

to travel on is possibly a image and a brief description of the point in inquiry.

This is evidently a large alteration from traditional store-based concern patterns.

Why would any dignified consumer purchase something via e-business if

they were unable to touch, or inspect a possible purchase, and there is

a existent shop merely done the street? There are several grounds why

e-business is appealing to a turning sum of people. For illustration,

e-business is based on the cyberspace. If you are utilizing the cyberspace,

you are non bound by geographics. You can entree any site, anyplace

in the universe from the comfort of your computing machine chair. What does this

mean to the consumer? Now the consumer has entree to several things

they didn & # 8217 ; T before. The consumer now has diverseness. With the

full cyberspace at your fingers, in a affair of proceedingss you can shop

several shops in several parts of the universe without even go forthing your

place. This allows you to compare monetary values and merchandises. With

e-business you are non restricted to the monetary values and merchandises of you local

shops. You can easy take the best monetary value on the best merchandise.

Buying goods electronically is going

easier by the twenty-four hours. The bulk of e-businesses have package set

up on their web page to take and enter your order every bit good as your recognition

card and personal information. The package is set up such that you

can order anything you want without holding to interact with anyone what

so of all time. You merely have to come in your recognition card figure, reference,

and other personal information. Some people are non comfy with the

construct of directing their recognition card figure or other personal to a possible

merchandiser over the cyberspace, but are more comfy utilizing the telephone.

Most concerns know this and have set up a particular figure or other agencies

to speak to a representative from the company to settle any inquiries, and

to accept recognition card Numberss or other agencies of payment. There are

of class several security issues involved in both signifiers of commercialism. I

will discourse security in greater item later in the paper.

The popularity of e-business is turning

about every bit fast as the engineering itself. More and more people are

utilizing their computing machines to purchase what of all time they want, whenever they want.

Every twenty-four hours there is an increasing figure of companies that join the electronic

universe of concern. Companies spend 1000000s of dollars a twelvemonth to

apparatus and keep a web site designed for e-business. Why are they

willing to pass so much? Most concern people have a good cognition

of how and why concern plant. It is non difficult to see that there is

a immense market in e-business. With the monetary value of computing machines traveling

down each twenty-four hours, more and more people have the chance to acquire in on their

piece of internet.

A Typical E-business Transaction & A ;

Security Information:

A few methods in which e-business is conducted

are shopping, and on-line banking. Let & # 8217 ; s analyze the shopping facet

of e-business first. When you go to a site to purchase something, a site

such as www.amazon.com, there are a few things you should detect.

They have something called a shopping cart. When you eventually make up one’s mind

that you want to purchase something, you enter the measure you wish to buy,

and so & # 8220 ; add to shopping cart & # 8221 ; . The shopping cart it a CGI book used

to maintain path of the things you want, and how many. This is a manner

to maintain path of everything while you can go on shopping. When

you are finished adding everything to the shopping cart, so you choose

the option to & # 8220 ; look into out & # 8221 ; . This starts another CGI book that takes

all of your personal informations such as your name, reference, and phone figure,

every bit good as your recognition card figure.

When you examine the online banking part

of e-business, you have a few more things to see. In order to

usage online banking, you will hold to hold an history with the bank in inquiry.

Once you have your history, you can travel to the bank & # 8217 ; s web page and set it

up by giving them history and personal information. Then you will

be able to utilize their package to entree your history. There is decidedly

an issue with privateness in both instances. It is obvious that clients

make non what their personal information released. A more of import

issue, possibly more of import than your personal information is your recognition

card figure. This can be used by anyone who has it. There is

no existent manner to halt person from utilizing your figure at another site to purchase

things with out your permission. This is a major concern of the e-business

industry. Should the consumer be concerned? Well, yes and no.

The first thing you should be concerned with is the cogency of the e-business

itself. Unless the company can offer you some sort of confidence that

you can hold with, you should lodge to the companies you know and trust.

Many concerns you have been utilizing for old ages are now doing the push to

supply an electronic method to shop. Once you have established that

you are in fact covering with a respectable house, you in most instances have

nil more to worry approximately. Most respectable companies use informations

encoding to procure on-line transportations. These sites use your browser

to code informations so that no 1 without the

decoding key can derive entree

to your information. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape come

standard with 40-bit encoding. With your informations encrypted, even with

a 40-bit encoding, it is safer to convey that informations around the universe

than to name in your figure over the telephone. When you are speaking

about online banking, you most probably will hold to upgrade your browser

to back up 128-bit encoding. The bulk of on-line banking companies

will non allow you utilize the basic 40-bit encoding because it is non rather

every bit safe as the 128-bit version. It is assumed that you need more

protection for your bank histories than you do for a basic on-line purchase.

In all instances you should be utilizing some signifier of encoding to reassign informations.

Some companies will give you a security warrant.

Issues Sing E-business:

There are two points of position to see.

There is the consumer and the concern individual. Within these two groups,

there are those in favour of e-business and those who are non. First

I would wish to speak about the consumer and there points of position.

There are many grounds why a possible client will either like e-business

or will non. I believe the chief ground most people like e-business

is the easiness in which they can acquire what of all time they want, when of all time they want

it. Anyone with a valid recognition card can travel to a site such as www.amazone.com,

and order anything they want at any clip of the twenty-four hours. Within a few

yearss ( depending on the method of transporting chosen ) their order will get

at their front door. The job with shopping online is, because

you are non bound by geographics, the company you bought from could be on

the other side of the universe. They have to direct you the merchandise.

This evidently creates holds in having your ware and you will

besides have to pay a modest transportation charge in add-on to any other charges.

If you are purchasing something heavy like a computing machine proctor, you may non

want to pass the excess 50 or so dollars to hold it shipped. In

this instance traveling to your local circuit metropolis may be a more effectual manner

of shopping. Basically, when shopping online you have the power to

acquire anything any clip, but you may hold to pay for your convenience.

From the position of the e-business

itself, there are other things to see. Mostly you need to see

the cost versus the gross revenues. Is it worth the cost to setup and keep

a web site? What precisely is involved in puting up an e-business?

In order to put an e-business you will necessitate a sphere name, webspace to

put images and things like that, and bandwidth. In add-on to

this, you might necessitate to engage proficient support, and purchase package needed

to run your concern. Compared to the cost of traditional commercialism,

I believe e-business is much cheaper to run and keep. When running

an e-business you wont have every bit high of an overhead to pay. A sphere name,

webspace, and bandwidth are all reasonably inexpensive. A turning figure of

concerns think e-commerce is a good investing, and a legitimate manner

to spread out their company. Large companies such as K-Mart are tilting

towards the e-business market.

Personal Experience:

In my pursuit for the best merchandise at the

best monetary value, I excessively have turned to e-commerce from clip to clip to acquire what

I needed. My first experience comes from buying a telephone online.

I started by sing several sites and inspecting what they had to offer.

I began to detect right away that some shops are more expensive than others,

even for the exact merchandise. I proceeded to happen the best trade on

the phone I wanted and, as I described before I added it to my shopping

cart at www.amazon.com. Following I went to look into out. The scrip

loaded and I entered all of my personal informations and my recognition card figure.

After I did all of that, I was taken to a charge screen where I could

take my signifier of transporting based on cost and clip. At the underside

of the charge subdivision it added the monetary value of the phone and all of the extra

charges ( such as transportation ) , and produced an existent sum. Before

continuing to corroborate my order I considered my place. Be it deserving

the monetary value after transporting to purchase here alternatively of at a local store?

Do I need the phone right off? It turned out that even after transporting

and all extra costs, I got the phone for less than my local shops

could offer. Because I did non necessitate the phone right off, I decided

to buy it. Within three or four yearss I received my phone and

was satisfied with my first on-line purchase. It is besides deserving observing

that I bought my phone at about 2am.

Another personal experience of mine respects

online banking. I have a checking and a nest eggs history with Wellsfargo.

I noticed that they offered online banking free of charge, so I figured

I would seek it out. I went to their web sites and began to setup my online

history. I was asked for my basic personal and my history information.

I gave them all of that and proceeded to seek to log into my history.

I was surprised to happen that I could non. I was utilizing Internet Explorer

with merely 40-bit encoding. Wellsfargo requires that you use a browser

with at least 128-bit encoding. After I downloaded the addon for

Internet Explorer, I successfully logged in. I was meet with a figure

of options. I could look into my look intoing history balance, my nest eggs

history balance, and I could reassign money between the two. This

made me really pleased. I have problem maintaining my checking history up to

day of the month, but with this I could see precisely what I had with merely a twenty-four hours & # 8217 ; s hold.

I am excessively pleased with all of my e-business

brushs. I enjoy purchasing things from my place at any hr.

It is besides really convenient to see my history position in about existent clip.


To sum up this paper, e-business is

fundamentally on-line minutess for goods and services. There are many

things to see when purchasing something online. First you should

be covering with a company that you are wholly comfy with.

After you have that established, on-line shopping is safer than any other

signifier of commercialism because of the usage of encrypted informations transportation. Online

banking is another facet that is deserving looking into. You can acquire

information about your histories anytime for small or no charge.

Online banking, of class requires a stronger method of encoding, so

you may necessitate to download the newest security plugin for your browser.

Finally, e-business is the new concern of the hereafter. You can purchase

anything, any clip, and acquire information from your place. Which

makes being antisocial merely that much easier.

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