Electronic Data Systems: Case Study

4 April 2015
A business-to-business analysis of the company, Electronic Data Systems.

This paper provides a brief analysis of Electronic Data Systems (EDS) business-to-business E-business solutions. A company as well as an industry analysis is provided, including strategy, strengths, weaknesses and a financial analysis. The paper shows that since most IT services companies are isolated from the overall economic cycle, EDS should remain strong in the future. The company is well positioned to take advantage of future opportunities, the paper argues, based on its continued history of long-term contract management experience and high customer retention rates.
“Business and technology are in the convergence process, spawning a surge in the IT services industry and providing numerous opportunities for those firms who are situated to handle the large influx of potential business. These opportunities have been brought about by several factors in the economy of the past decade.”

Electronic Data Systems: Case Study Essay Example

Company Profile
Historical Background
The EDS Timeline
Corporate Leadership
Company Strategy
EDS: Industry Performance
Corporate Milestones
Significant Contracts

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