Elements In A Horror Film Essay Research

10 October 2017

Elementss In A Horror Film Essay, Research Paper

Horror has ever been one of the most popular genres in movie of anytime. One of the grounds why people are so fasincated in horror movies is the exhilaration that it provides. Audiences of horror movies are frequently expected to happen slayer, force, drug, and be surprised in the film. In order for a horror film to be successful, it must give the audiences an intense feeling. There are many elements in a film that aid make the intimidating atmosphere. In the film Halloween, the manager used different camera angles, particular costume, evil slayer, and sex to construct an intense environment and floor the audiences.

The manager can easy build an intense environment by pull stringsing the point-of-view of camera. At the beginning of the film Halloween, the movie opens with a long, single-shot that takes topographic point on Halloween dark, 1963. A immature Michael Myers tickers as his older sister, Judith, sneaks upstairs to hold sex with a cat from school. After the fellow has departed, Michael takes a knife out of the kitchen drawer, ascends the stairway, and pangs Judith to decease. The full sequence employs the subjective point-of-view, an attack that the manager returns to repeatedly throughout the film. Merely after the act is done do we larn that Michael is merely a child. The whole squence put the audience in the killer & # 8217 ; s point of position to make the intense feeling and do them inquiring what the slayer is traveling to make next. After the sequence is over, the truth is revealed, and the audiences are shocked at the terminal.

Another thing that we can besides anticipate from horror movies is the usage of particular costume. Costume plays a major function in making a character. In many horror movies, the slayer would hold a particular costume to suit the personality of the character. In the movie Halloween, Michael Myers & # 8217 ; s dress up aid making an daunting status for the audiences. Michael can easy be identified as an implacable, cold immorality by the audiences. It is because he ever wears a painted mask to conceal his idenity, and we merely acquire to see his face one time. This makes him more daunting and terrorization. He kills without doing a sound or demoing a degree Fahrenheit

acial look, and his motions are frequently slow and zombie-like.

On the other manus, the manager is extremely careful in chosing the camera angles he uses to hit Michael. Before the flood tide, there & # 8217 ; s ne’er a clear close-up. Michael is ever concealed by shadows, shown in the distance, or presented as otherwise obscured. It keeps the audiences inquiring where he will look following. This attack makes Michael a sinisterly baleful scoundrel. Furthermore, the existent ground why Michael Myers is killing all those people remains a enigma. The deficiency of a clear motivation makes his actions even more terrifying.

In order to do a horror movie more realistic, it is common to utilize a narrative line that most of us can associate to. One of the attacks is thru sex. That manner, the audience can understand the narrative easier and more interested in what is traveling to go on to them following. Michael & # 8217 ; s primary victims are Laurie and her two best friends, Annie and Lynda. Throughout the movie, Michael is shown bit by bit shuting in on the misss, until in the concluding act, Laurie is involved in a face-to-face battle for her life. It is chiefly due to the fact that the key to survival in Halloween is being a virgin.

Since Judith, Annie, and Lynda have sex with their fellows, they don & # 8217 ; t survive their brushs with Michael. Laurie, who has nil to make with male child does. For Annie and Lynda, the most of import thing about Halloween dark is happening a topographic point to hold sex with their fellows. For Laurie, nevertheless, it & # 8217 ; s doing certain the child she & # 8217 ; s baby sitting is holding a good clip. Annie and Lynda are incognizant of their danger until it & # 8217 ; s excessively late, but Laurie recognizes her hazard. The whole narrative is truly intense and the manager maintain the audiences wondering is traveling to go on next to the misss.

The sum of content in the film Halloween is comparatively low, but the content is highly chilling. The manager used particular camera angles, particular costume, evil slayer, and sex to make an intense ambiance and tight narrative board. The consequence of Halloween is a phenomenon success. None of the follow up horror movies can come near to its success and Halloween has become a modern classic of the most hideous sort.


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