Elephant Man Essay Research Paper Ashley Montagu

9 September 2017

Elephant Man Essay, Research Paper

Ashley Montagu tells John Merrick s unusual narrative in the book that surveies human self-respect, The Elephant Man. The Elephant Man, an challenging book that captures the bosom of the spirit, is the narrative of a simple, yet unfortunate, adult male. It causes one to believe about life s cherished gifts and how frequently they are taken for granted. As the sad and alone narrative of John Merrick, the elephant adult male, unfolds, all are taught a lesson about strength and bravery.

When Sir Frederick Treeves foremost discovered John Merrick in 1884, he could merely be described as, a huddled mass of solitariness ( 14 ) . Merrick had a atrocious disease called elephantiasis. This utmost bad luck caused Merrick to be feeble and his visual aspect to be that of a monster. With his skull the size of his waist and big measures of tegument turning indiscriminately all over his organic structure, no 1 wanted to befriend John Merrick.

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Everywhere he went shrieks of horror and looks of disgust greeted him. As a immature kid, his female parent passed off go forthing him a homeless orphan. So, because of his horrid expressions, being displayed as half-man and half-elephant at a freak-show became normal. His life consisted of torture and anguish for the following 20 old ages of his life, until Sir Frederick Treeves asked him to come and be studied at the London infirmary. Soon, Treeves arranged with the caput of the infirmary for Merrick to populate in an excess room at the infirmary. After 20 old ages of solitariness and discourtesy, John Merrick eventually had a topographic point to name place. He began to disregard his monstrous expressions and eventually allowed himself to move like human with feelings. With the aid of his new friend Frederick Treeves, he even attended dramas and went for walks. He lived merrily at the infirmary for about seven more old ages where compassionate people often visited him. Even people of royalty paid him visits. No affair how badly treated he may hold been, no one of all time heard John Merrick complain about his horrid expressions or his atrocious life. With outstanding endurance, he proves to the universe what a genuinely epic individual can make.

The Elephant Man, an challenging and well-written book, besides captures the true kernel of John Merrick s life. The context of the book asserts descriptiveness and easy captures the involvement of the reader. When Treeves foremost viewed the elephant adult male, he states:

The showman pulled back Thursday

vitamin E drape and revealed a dead set figure stooping on a stool and covered by a brown cover. In forepart of it, on a tripod, was a big brick heated by a Bunsen burner. Over this the animal was huddled to warm itself. . . this hunched-up figure was the incarnation of solitariness ( 47 ) .

Descriptions such as these paint the sad but graphic image of the life John Merrick led. While composing his narrative, Montagu made a point of utilizing photographic words to put up the scene he wanted to depict. His elaborate Hagiographas helped the narrative move along. In add-on to the point of view of Frederick Treeves, Montagu included many other people s positions, including his ain. Often he wrote of other peoples mentalities such as William Kendal and his Wife Mrs. Kendal. Mrs. Kendal frequently delivered gifts to Merrick and every summer they allowed him to remain at their summer bungalow for six hebdomads. The Prince of Wales point of view besides adds to the narrative when he states ; John Merrick is the authoritative narrative of human resiliency. If people could hold his bravery and self-respect, we d all be better off. ( 76 ) . The easy-to-follow authorship manner of Ashley Montagu makes The Elephant Man a more gratifying book.

In every book, one can happen room for betterment. Some chief failings in Montagu s book are the secret plan s platform and he frequently jumps around from different subjects. An of import feature in a book is for all the author s thoughts to flux and do sense in an entireness. Montagu would speak of how Merrick was born and so, without shutting, get down discoursing the events of his decease. Chronological order is critical when seeking to organize a strong secret plan. The Elephant Man can besides go forth the reader unsated because the most of import inside informations of Merrick s life are left out. A brief description of his life manner is stated and so the remainder of the context is a medical analization. It can be hard understanding the footings used by physicians when 1 has no cognition of the information being stated. Had Montagu been cognizant of inside informations such as these, The Elephant Man could hold transformed into a more gratifying book.

The Elephant Man, written by Ashley Montagu, is a well-written expression into the life of truly singular human being, John Merrick. This survey of human self-respect shows us all that life is cherished. All can be taught a lesson about strength and bravery from the alone narrative of John Merrick, the elephant adult male.

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