Eleve11 by Sander Van Doorn

7 July 2019

It is a common misconception among teens that anything that does not receive mainstream attention is a waste of their precious time. They believe anything that goes under the radar is not fit for their attention, but this is not always the case. A grand example of this is the brand-new album released by Dutch DJ and dance music producer Sander Van Doorn. This album contains a modest eleven song, but as the old adage goes, it is a matter of quality, not quantity, and Sander truly demonstrates a quality album. Being hailed as “album of the month” by Mixmag Magazine and Tillate UK, this album is receiving rave reviews despite his album not garnering attention from large media corporations such as Rolling Stone Magazine. The album itself comprises of uplifting vocal tracks featuring crossover acts Nadia Ali and Carol Lee, mixed with some instrumental compositions that are the modern-day equivalent of the classical orchestra.

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One of the singles of the album, ‘Koko’, was a standout anthem, for the Miami Music Week and Ultra Music festival of early 2011. This album has a very intriguing pattern: the first three songs are decidedly calm, the middle six are the most active and rhythmic songs, while the last two songs are smoother and more relaxed. The penultimate track, ‘Eagles’, demonstrates that this producer is no coward. The song is nineteen minutes long, which shows that this man knows how to keep a listener engaged with a daring intermission between the two halves of the song. Britney Spears this isn’t. Another song, ‘Drink to Get Drunk’, evokes a powerful feeling of an almost soul and jazz undertone through its vocals sung by Australian singer Sia. This is just another demonstration of Sander Van Doorn’s fearlessness in producing his greatest album yet. The whole album is a testament to the fact that just because something isn’t being constantly played on the radio, or at all, in this case, does not mean it is not worth listening to. It was a pleasure to review this album and I hope it will receive the acclaim it deserves.

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