Elian Gonzalez Essay Research Paper It seems

9 September 2017

Elian Gonzalez Essay, Research Paper

It seems as if the last five months has been an update of the latest intelligence and developments in the narrative of the most celebrated six twelvemonth old, Elian Gonzalez. To day of the month, I must acknowledge that I have been slightly colored and inconsiderate by non paying attending to the most recent developments because of the simple fact that I believed from the beginning that the male child should be returned to his biological male parent, Juan Miguel Gonzalez. With the timing of this assignment it has given me an chance to acquire caught up on all the facts of the Elian Gonzalez instance and I & # 8217 ; m sword lily I have taken this chance to make some reading of the last twosome of studies by Newsweek. It besides ties in good with a sociologist/theorist that we have been discoursing in category by the name Baumgartner and the thought of & # 8220 ; Social Control from Below & # 8221 ; . The thought of societal control from below is one that we as worlds come across day-in and day-out. Some of the factors that we come across in societal control from below are the thought that this construct deals with the powerful and the powerless, the powerful can utilize physical subject to command the powerless, the powerful can command societal resources to command the powerless, and the powerless Don & # 8217 ; t suspend their right to moral justness. These are merely a few of the thoughts that factor into societal control from below, but if you look into them a small deeper you can understand why I would state that we as worlds deal with this thought on a day-to-day footing. In the instance of Elian Gonzalez and his male parent & # 8217 ; s try to recover detention, this construct of powerful versus powerless runs a whole batch deeper than merely these two.

The thought of the powerful versus the powerless plays a major function in this thought of societal control from below. The fortunes don & # 8217 ; t alteration either when looking at the Gonzalez instance. It seems as if these & # 8220 ; subordinates & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; elites & # 8221 ; were the major participants from the beginning and still go on to be the major participants to this twenty-four hours. If you had to set a label on who the & # 8220 ; elite & # 8221 ; group would be I guess you would hold to state the Miami household, who consist of Lazaro, Delfin, and the alternate female parent, who presently have detention of Elian. In this same case I would hold to state that the label of & # 8220 ; subordinate & # 8221 ; or disadvantaged would hold to be placed on Juan Miguel, Elian & # 8217 ; s father, because he hasn & # 8217 ; t had any fortune in seeking to recover detention of his kid and convey him back to Cuba. On a much larger graduated table the thought of subsidiaries and elites is one that the authoritiess of both the United States and Cuba will command. It seems that overall the United States authorities with the aid of some major participants that include Attorney General Janet Reno and President Bill Clinton and the Cuban authorities with the aid of their major participant, Fidel Castro, are in control here and will hold the concluding say in the affair. With this being said, it seems the rubric of overall subsidiaries could be placed on all the other major participants in this lasting contention. These others include the attorneies that are stand foring both parties, the immediate household that includes Juan Miguel and his uncle Manuel, the Miami household who presently has detention of Elian and refuses to give him up, and in conclusion Elian who will hold to populate with the determination that should be rendered sometime shortly.

The thought of societal control from below, as discussed by Baumgartner, has many factors that influence the thought of being aberrant behaviour. There are four distinguishable factors that influence societal control from below and Baumgartner labels them as the & # 8220 ; Social Forces of the Powerless & # 8221 ; . These forces include: rebellion, covert revenge, non-cooperation, and entreaties for support. All of these factors harmonizing to Baumgartner are a societal effort by the powerless to put the tabular arraies to an even graduated table. The most noticeable signifier of societal control from below that we have seen in this instance since November would be this thought of non-cooperation. For this construct to be true I must foremost explicate non-cooperation harmonizing to Baumgartner. The first thing you have to seek and understand is the fact that this is the individual most available signifier of societal control from below. All that is required is that the subsidiary parties non make really much for that superior or elect party. This would be most apparent in the fact that the Miami household hasn & # 8217 ; t cooperated at all with Juan Miguel or even the American authorities. It seems as they are set in their ways and their sentiment and they feel as if the best thing for Elian would be to raise him in Miami as opposed to directing him back to Cuba with his male parent. It seems as if this state of affairs is best summed up in an article entitled You Live in Fear written for Newsweek as a Web sole on April 12,2000. It was an interview with Walter Polovchak, who went through the same thing Elian is traveling through back in 1980. The lone differences were that Walter was 12 old ages old at the clip and he fled the Soviet Union, which was Communist at the clip. I feel as if says it best in a statement that reads, & # 8220 ; He ( Elian ) can ever travel back to Cuba any time-that option is ever unfastened to him. But he & # 8217 ; ll ne’er have the same chance to go forth Cuba. & # 8221 ; With this being said, I still experience it is up to his biological male parent to do the determination, which he feels is best for the boy he seems to love so much. It c Ns besides be said that the crowds that have gathered in Little Havana and the protestors that have gathered in Cuban communities all over the state have engaged in non-cooperation be

cause of the simple fact that there non doing the state of affairs any easier. In Baumgartner’s account of non-cooperation it is clear that organized work stoppages are the most dramatic signifiers of non-cooperation.

Another manner that the thought of non-cooperation is being portrayed is by Juan Miguel and Fidel Castro, but on a much smaller graduated table. It seems as if Juan Miguel stayed in contact with another uncle of his, Manuel, who besides lived in Miami. Manuel felt the hurting of his nephew and tried to work with him to recover detention of Elian. The other uncles, Lazaro and Delfin, thought their brother was a Castro sympathiser and closed their doors to Manuel. Manuel tried to convert his nephew all winter long to come to the United States himself to seek and contend for the detention of his boy in individual. Juan Miguel refused for a twosome of different grounds. The first was because he was confused and he didn & # 8217 ; t cognize right from incorrect in covering with the state of affairs at manus. Most significantly, he was a small leery of the American authorities, as is the instance for most Cubans. The ground I feel as if Fidel Castro engaged in this thought of non-cooperation is because when Gregory Craig, the attorney appointed for Juan Miguel Gonzalez, flew to Cuba to allow him cognize that it was the clip to come to the United States to derive detention, Castro was hesitant in allowing Juan Miguel go. It took a three-hour meeting between Castro and Craig and some confidences by Gonzalez before allowing him travel with his married woman and their boy. He besides did some small things to guarantee Gonzalez would stay loyal to him and Cuba before he let him travel like traveling him from Cardenas to an flat outside of Havana to maintain an oculus on him.

In relation to three distinguishable parties that have played a major function in the Gonzalez instance, I feel as if they have each shown a distinguishable feature of societal control from below, if non more than one. The first party that we would look at would be the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Alex Penelas. It seems as if Penelas has taken portion in the thought of non-cooperation in regard to the thought of societal control from below. This is made apparent by the article in Newsweek entitled The Long Road Home. In the article Joseph Contreras and Evan Thomas write, & # 8220 ; Having recklessly declared that he would decline to assist the Feds enforce the jurisprudence two hebdomads ago, Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas more sanely called for composure last week. & # 8221 ; It seems as if the city manager has come to his senses since so, but he has non to the full cooperated with functionaries. The following group that we can discourse would be the local Miami protagonists of the attempts to maintain Elian Gonzalez here in the United States. The first act that of societal control from below that they have taken portion would be non-cooperation. This is rather obvious because they don & # 8217 ; t do the state of affairs any easier by endangering to non allow the Feds get through to pick Elian up. The following act of aberrance in regard to societal control from below would be the thought of rebellion. The thought of rebellion is unfastened force against the societal higher-ups. This is the most seeable of societal control from below, but it is besides of import for me to indicate out that this is besides the least likely to happen. It is besides of import for me to indicate out that this has non happened yet, but it about seems apparent. Contreras and Thomas point out in their Newsweek article, & # 8220 ; But the fire-eaters were still associating weaponries outside the modest cottage where Elian lives, and his two great uncles and their phalanx of attorneies were in consequence make bolding Attorney General Janet Reno to weather the mob. & # 8221 ; If this doesn & # 8217 ; t indicate out marks of rebellion, so I don & # 8217 ; t cognize what does. Last, the actions of possibly the most of import participants have to be discussed. Elian & # 8217 ; s U.S. household has decidedly engaged in the construct of non-cooperation. This is a given. They have besides engaged in a twosome of other signifiers of societal control from below. The first would be a signifier entitled covert revenge. Covert revenge is an active, aggressive signifier of societal control from below. Baumgartner besides considers it a & # 8220 ; secret & # 8221 ; signifier of societal control from below. The actions that go into covert revenge are so covered and so close, that people sometimes look past its aggressiveness. I feel this is a direct mention to Lazarus, one of Elian & # 8217 ; s two uncles, offering money to Juan Miguel for detention of the male child. The Newsweek article points out, & # 8220 ; His ( Juan Miguel ) uncle Lazaro began reasoning that Elian should remain in Miami and even offered Juan Miguel money ( reportedly $ 2 million ) to give up his claim to the child. & # 8221 ; It seems as if Lazaro is seeking to purchase Elian from his biological male parent to maintain him from returning to Cuba. This action besides points out Juan Miguel & # 8217 ; s love for his boy, because it should hold been truly easy for a adult male with nil to accept this type of money. Last, I feel as if the household has engaged in a signifier of societal control from below entitled entreaties for support. This tactic sees the subsidiary party to ally with a powerful 3rd party. In the Gonzalez instance it seems as if the Miami household considers themselves a low-level party, as opposed to the authoritiess of the United States and Cuba, and they have went out and retained the services of a believable legal squad to assist them through this battle. To this point it has seemingly helped them because they keep protracting the inevitable, and that is Elian Gonzalez will finally be re-united with his male parent one manner or another.


Newsweek. April 12, 2000.

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