Elie Wiesel Essay Research Paper Elie Wiesel

9 September 2017

Elie Wiesel Essay, Research Paper

Elie Wiesel & # 8217 ; s statement, “ & # 8230 ; to stay soundless and indifferent is the

greatest wickedness of all & # 8230 ; ” stands as a sum-up of his positions on life and

serves as

the driving force of his work. Wiesel is the writer of 36 plants covering with

Hebraism, the Holocaust, and the moral

duty of all people to contend hatred, racism and race murder.

Born September 30, 1928, Eliezer Wiesel led a life representative of

many Judaic kids. Turning up in a little small town in Romania, his universe

revolved around household, spiritual survey, community and God. Yet his household,

community and his guiltless religion were destroyed upon the exile of his

small town in 1944. Arguably the most powerful and celebrated transition

in Holocaust literature, his first book, Night, records the inclusive


of the Hebrews:

Never shall I bury that dark, the first dark in cantonment, which has turned

my life into one long dark, seven times curst and seven times sealed.

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shall I bury that fume. Never shall I bury the small faces of the


whose organic structures I saw turned into garlands of fume

beneath a soundless blue sky.

Never shall I bury those fires which consumed my religion everlastingly.

Never shall I bury that nocturnal silence which deprived me, for all

infinity, of the desire to populate. Never shall I bury those minutes which

murdered my God and my psyche and turned my dreams to dust. Never

shall I bury these things, even if I am condemned to populate every bit long as God

Himself. Never.

And Wiesel has since dedicated his life to guaranting that none of us bury

what happened to the

Hebrews. Wiesel survived Auschwitz, Buna, Buchenwald and Gleiwitz. After the

release of the cantonments in April 1945, Wiesel spent a few old ages in a Gallic

orphanhood and in 1948 began to analyze in Paris at the Sorbonne. He became

involved in journalistic work with the Gallic newspaper L & # 8217 ; arche. He was

acquainted with Nobel laureate Francois Mauriac, who finally

influenced Wiesel to interrupt his vow of silence and write of his experience in

the concentration cantonments, therefore get downing a life-time of service.

Wiesel has since published over 30 books, earned the Nobel Peace Prize,

been appointed to chair the President & # 8217 ; s Commission on the

Holocaust, awarded the Congressional Gold Medal of Achievement and

more. Due to a fatal auto accident in New York in 1956, Wiesel spent a

twelvemonth confined to a wheelchair while retrieving. It was during this twelvemonth that


made the determination to go a U.S. citizen and is still today an active


within our society, every bit good as fulfilling

his function in Judaic political relations around the universe.

Wiesel & # 8217 ; s occupation as president of the President & # 8217 ; s Commission on the Holocaust

was the planning of an American commemoration to the victims of the

Holocaust.Wiesel writes that the ground for


the museum must include ; denying the Nazi & # 8217 ; s a posthumous triumph,

honouring the last want of victims to state, and protecting the hereafter of


from such evil repeating. Always keeping

his dedicated belief that although all the victims of the Holocaust were non

Judaic, all Hebrews were victims of the Holocaust, Wiesel advocated puting the

major accent of the commemoration on the

obliteration of the Jews, while still retrieving the slaying of other groups.

Guided by the alone nature of the Holocaust and the moral duty to

remember, the Commission decided to split and stress the museum

into countries of commemoration, museum,

instruction, research, memorialization and action to forestall return. In

order to come to these determinations, a group of 57 members of the Commission

and Advisory Board & # 8212 ; including

Senators, Rabbis, Christians, professors, Judgess, Congressmen, Priests,

Hebrews, work forces and adult females & # 8212 ; traveled to Eastern Europe, Denmark and Israel to

survey Holocaust commemorations and

graveyards and to run into with other public functionaries. The emotional hurting and

committedness required by such a trip is singular, and Wiesel & # 8217 ; s leading is

undeniably notable.

Wiesel remained president of the Committee until 1986. He has aided in the

acknowledgment and recollection of Soviet Jews, the constitution of Israel and

has dedicated the latter portion of his life to the informant of the


and the critical demand that memory and action be

carried on after the subsisters have all left us. Wiesel & # 8217 ; s ain words are the



Let us retrieve, allow us retrieve the heroes of Warsaw, the sufferer of

Treblinka, the kids of Auschwitz. They fought entirely, they suffered

entirely, they lived entirely, but they

did non decease entirely, for something in all of us died with them.


1928 & # 8211 ; born in Sighet, Romania

1944 & # 8211 ; deported to Auschwitz

Jan.1945 & # 8211 ; father dies in Buchenwald

Apr.1945 & # 8211 ; liberated from concentration cantonment

1948 & # 8211 ; moved to Paris to analyze at the Sorbonne

1948 & # 8211 ; work in news media Begins

1954 & # 8211 ; decides to compose about the Holocaust

1956 & # 8211 ; hit by a auto in New York

1958 & # 8211 ; Night is published

1963 & # 8211 ; receives U.S. citizenship

1964 & # 8211 ; returned to Sighet

1965 & # 8211 ; first trip to Russia

1966 & # 8211 ; publishes Jews of Silence

1969 & # 8211 ; married Marion Rose

1972 & # 8211 ; boy is born

1978 & # 8211 ; appointed chair of Presidential Commission on the Holocaust

1980 & # 8211 ; Commission renamed U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council

1985 & # 8211 ; awarded Congressional Gold Medal of Achievement

1986 & # 8211 ; awarded Nobel Peace Prize

1995 & # 8211 ; publishes memoirs


Wiesel & # 8217 ; s Night ( Cliff Notes ) ( Paperback & # 8211 ; August 1996 )

hypertext transfer protocol: //english.cla.umn.edu/courseweb/1591/Students/ElieWiesel/Eliewiesel.html

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.kirjasto.sci.fi/wiesel.htm

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