Elimination of Ghettos

4 April 2015
A look at the process undertaken by the Nazi’s in the Holocaust of emptying the ghettos of people.

This paper studies the process of elimination the Jewish ghettos in World War Two Europe. It explains the logic behind the concept of the ghetto and how they finally became unmanageable. The writer looks at how the elimination of the ghetto Jews fit into the overall aim of the Nazis to wipe out the entire Jewish population of Europe. Ghettos mentioned are Lodz and Warsaw. It shows how they were sent to concentration camps and finally to their death.
In 1939, a decree was issued by the Chief of the German Security Police, which outlined certain procedures for the treatment of all Jews in the German occupied territories. Through this decree, all the Jews were to be isolated, identified, and contained in ghettos, primarily to be used as slave labor, but with the ulterior motive of their mass execution.

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Hence, a pre-planned and systematic strategy was adopted by Hitler’s regime, which not only identified and segregated all the Jews, but their property and the German State seized assets. Since most of the Jews populated the rural country-side, they were systematically brought to the cities to live in these newly created ghettos. These ghettos were usually cut off from their surroundings by barbed wires or high walls with mounted guards. These ghettos eventually became overcrowded, and lacking the basic facilities of water, sanitation, fuel, and constant threat of epidemics, the Jewish population began to suffer from a high mortality rate within the walls of their new surroundings.

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