Elizabeth I Essay Research Paper Collin Greenwood

9 September 2017

Elizabeth I Essay, Research Paper

Elizabeth I Essay Research Paper Collin Greenwood Essay Example

Collin Greenwood

Mrs. Canavan

CPI English

January 7, 2001

Elizabeth I

Were Queen Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great effectual swayers? Were their reign? s characterized as good or non so good? Ignoring the sentiment of those who reigned at the same time or historiographers today, these two ruled their state in a clip of convulsion and uncertainness! The universe and the people within it were undergoing a major passage. New lands were being discovered every bit good as major role-playing continents and states were altering position. Some losing power while others gained it. Queen Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great ruled their state to the extent in which they were able and their topics allowed them to. Queen Elizabeth I of England was a singular swayer.

Elizabeth was born in 1533 to Henry VIII of England and took the throne in 1588 at the age of 25 and reigned until 1603 when she passed off ( Time.com, 1 ) . Elizabeth was the last of the Tudor Dynasty ( Funk & A ; Wagnalls vol. 9, 193 ) .

Due to her male parent? s unmanageable haphazardous regulation, Elizabeth, at merely the age of 25, was already faced with quandary within England. Henry VIII wanted a male to take over his throne so when he felt his clip was running out, Henry VIII needed to disassociate his Queen at that clip but the Catholic Church wouldn? t allow this. He separated from the church and brought England with him. He turned England into a Protestant state. Acerate leaf to state people were confused and had to do immense accommodations. At the beginning of Elizabeth? s reign there was confusion.

She was a steadfast Catholic nevertheless she makes via media between the two faiths. Queen Elizabeth? s determination was due mostly from the consent of her people ( Funk & A ; Wagnalls vol. 9, 193 ) . However, Elizabeth knew that two faiths would do jobs. ? As reestablished, the Anglican Church was Protestant in it? s Theology, but much of it? s ritual and ecclesiastical organisation remained Catholic in signifier? ( ddtmedia.com, 1 ) . Elizabeth believed that trueness of her people would convey them together every bit good as the state. The people were non forced by the province but by their ain scrupless.

The people of England saw Queen Elizabeth every bit compassionate every bit good as decisive. By leting the people to make up one’s mind, Queen Elizabeth gained their trust and trueness unlike her male parent before her. Queen Elizabeth did non coerce the people but allowed them to make up one’s mind on their ain and for their voices to be the determinant factor. In fact, ? The greatest accomplishment in English history, the? interrupting the bonds of Rome? , and the constitution of religious independency, was completed without bloodshed under Elizabeth? s protections, and Elizabeth may hold the glorification of the work? ( Time.com, 2 ) . The people of England were in no demand of a authorities that was more concerned about it more than it was for the people.

Elizabeth was Queen but she established good ties with parliament. England did non necessitate the regulation of a monarchy that controlled purely, took the people? s wealth, and taxed. By taxing

the people parliament could command the people ( Funk & Wagnalls vol. 9, 193 ) . However, this was the exact antonym of what Queen Elizabeth did. She was affluent, nevertheless, she allowed the people of England to hold the chance to derive wealth. Without estranging public sentiment, Queen Elizabeth gained what she wanted. Queen Elizabeth? s policies coincided with the involvements of the people.

Queen Elizabeth was active in foreign policy. The people of England, her topics, began to see new stuffs due to her intercession in foreign policy. Furthermore, they began to obtain wealth. Elizabeth began trade with India and granted a charter to the English East India Company ( Time.com, 2 ) . This opened the way for trade every bit good as the thoughts for others to endeavor to accomplish ends, and to put higher criterions. This gave some morale to the people of England. ? She besides established dealingss with the swayers of Russia and authorized the formation of the Muscovy company, the first in western Europe to merchandise with Russia? ( Funk & A ; Wagnalls vol. 9, 193 ) . Queen Elizabeth was under the normal emphasis of any swayer of that clip. Or was she? ? For 30 old ages she was perpetually a grade for blackwash, and her liquors were ne’er affected, and she was ne’er frightened into inhuman treatment ( ddtmedia.com, 3 ) .

Elizabeth, antonym of past swayers, was seeking to populate down England? s repute as being a state of war. Elizabeth negotiated as opposed to originating war ( Time.com, 3 ) . The Elizabethan Age was peaceable. The people of England may hold been used to traditional combat, nevertheless, Elizabeth kept peace. Queen Elizabeth had a desire for peace. She managed the state of England good to prolong a peaceful? life? while other states fought wars, lost, and fell into sequence. Queen Elizabeth was a peaceable swayer, nevertheless, she did prosecute in one act of warfare. She is most celebrated for her dramatic triumph over the Spanish Armada during the summer of 1588 ( Funk & A ; Wagnalls vol. 9, 194 ) . ? English ill will to Spain was turning for a figure of grounds: understanding for the beleaguered Gallic Huguenots and the provincials of Holland locked in their ain despairing battle with Phillip ; the undeclared sea war with Spain that English privateers and plagiarists had already been transporting on for a coevals? ( ddtmedia.com, 3 ) . There was no land war and the people of England ne’er became unrefreshed. Queen Elizabeth was patient and did non leap into war with Spain. She fought on her ain footings ( Time.com, 3 ) . This was a mark of a smart swayer. This led to National importance for England. England became supreme on the seas. English commercialism increased to the Old World and settlements were formed in the New World ( ddtmedia.com, 3 ) . Queen Elizabeth I was liked by her topics because she was an effectual swayer.

She brought effectual authorities to the people through parliament. She opened the chance for trade every bit good as the chance to derive wealth. Queen Elizabeth I besides set the case in point that all states are non every bit powerful as they may look by get the better ofing the Spanish Armada. This enabled other smaller states to put canvas in the seas to derive wealth and research new district.

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