Elizabeth I Essay Research Paper Queen Elizabeth

10 October 2017

Elizabeth I Essay, Research Paper

Queen Elizabeth I was really born named Elizabeth Tudor on September 7, 1533. She was born at Greenwich Palace and was the girl of Henry VIII and his 2nd married woman ( after England s split from the Catholic Church ) , Anne Boleyn. She was crowned Queen of England on January14, 1559 and reigned for the following 44 old ages and 4 months. She was of mean tallness, had red hair and brown eyes. Apparently she had a really pleasant smiling, even with her black dentition. She is remembered by such names as the Virgin Queen and Good Queen Bess.

Her childhood was a instead disruptive one, with her male parent paying really small or no attending to her. Her governess had to even compose to him stating that Elizabeth needed some apparels because all of the 1s that she had were excessively little. Her female parent was executed when she was 2 old ages old after being accused of criminal conversation, incest etc.

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Basically Henry VII needed a manner of acquiring rid of her for non bearing him a boy. Elizabeth had three stepmothers in the first eight old ages of her life, two of who died. After her male parent s decease, the throne went to her Catholic half sister Mary. But her policies if burning Protestants at the interest and an unsuccessful war with France, wherein she lost Callais, made her less than popular. She was ever peculiarly leery of Elizabeth and kept her extremely guarded after Thomas Wyatt launches a rebellion to destroy Mary s program to get married a Catholic Spaniard. Wyatt wanted Elizabeth to get married the Earl of Devon to maintain Britain Protestant after Elizabeth s Ascension to the throne. But when on test, she was accused of being an confederate of Wyatt, she proved her artlessness. In her concluding old ages, Mary was unwillingly forced to admit Elizabeth a replacement to the throne. At age 25, she became Queen and now she would do all of the determinations.

As Queen, She had many interests that kept her busy when she was non covering with province affairs. She played instruments, drew, sewed, and embroidered. She was huffy about Equus caballuss to the point where her Councilors were disquieted for her safety. Few people in England could fit the velocity and distance the Queen rode. Hunting and Hawking were besides really much enjoyed and when an animate being was caught, she would be asked to cut its pharynx. During these times, violent carnal athleticss were really popular such as prick combat, Canis familiaris combat, and bear teasing. Elizabeth peculiarly liked bear baiting. She loved to watch athleticss, particularly wh

en friends played. Her love for dance and music were great. Every forenoon she would dance The Gilliard to remain fit and she seemingly had a good voice. Not merely that, she loved theater. She even had her ain group of histrions who would execute for her called The Queen s Players. She exercised her head every bit good as her organic structure. She was familiar with all the Classics and she could read in Gallic and Latin. IN the ulterior old ages of her life she took peculiar enjoyment in interpreting Classics into English. The verse form that she wrote were said to hold been really good composed.

Even though rumours surround her to this twenty-four hours, Queen Elizabeth did non hold a myriad of lovers. The lone adult male with whom she had important dealingss was Robert Dudley. With him she shared her love for athleticss, humanistic disciplines and particularly Equus caballuss. But even at the early age of eight, she told him that she would ne’er get married him, even though he subsequently proposed to her several times. She gave the ground that the political fortunes were unfavourable. But most experts say that it was a fright of matrimony induced by her male parent s behaviour towards adult females. She did non desire to be treated like that.

One of Elizabeth s greatest accomplishments was the licking of the Spanish Armada in 1588. For a long clip before this, there had been rumours that King Phillip of Spain, the most powerful state on Earth, was be aftering an invasion of England. At first Elizabeth did non pay much attending because she had heard these rumours for the past 30 old ages. But she was subsequently forced to fix for war by her Councilors and the existent menace from Spain, which was massing an overpowering sum of war vessels. With an ground forces ready and a really effectual advanced warning system in topographic point, Britain was ready to contend the Spanish. In this unprecedented event, the little island state humiliated the great Spanish Armada in its attempts to seek to take England. And Elizabeth was right at that place where the action was, declining to be repressed in some castle. She was ever inspecting her military personnels and giving addresss. She said she would be with her loyal topics in times of problem and said that she would, populate or decease amongst you all.

In many ways Elizabeth was a really enlightened sovereign during times when this was unheard of. She seemed really good-humored and down to Earth. Her early agonies made her more human and understanding than other absolute male monarchs or Queenss of her age. It is no admiration that Shakespeare epitomizes her so, as has history.

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