Elizabethan London

4 April 2015
This paper looks at the changes that occurred in London during the reign of Elizabeth the first.

This paper gives a brief description London during the Elizabethan age. It discusses the life of the residents having to deal with hardships such as cholera and hunger. It explains that the world was on the brink of modernization and how this effected life in the capital. It also looks at the changes that Elizabeth tried to introduce judicially and politically.

From the paper:

“We can gain an idea of the tenor of the Elizabethan Age by looking at the changes that occurred in her own capital city, in its growth and in its problems. By the time the Tudors became the reigning family of Great Britain, London was already an ancient city. It had grown up by this point from three separate centers: the walled settlement founded by the Romans on the banks of the Thames in the 1st century AD (which is the area of the city known today as ?the Square Mile? or more often simply as ?the City?; the suburb of Southwark, which faces the City across the bridge on the lower gravels of the south bank of the Thames; and the City of Westminster ”

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