10 October 2017

Elizabethan/Romeo & A ; Juliet Essay, Research Paper

Elizabethan Theater

Elizabethan times in the 1600s was a patterned advance for the universe of the theatre. A period named after Queen Elizabeth I of England, it is from this period that modern twenty-four hours society has its foundation for the amusement industry. From the force that was prevailing because of the Black Death, people turned to the theatre for its poesy and love affair. During this clip period, there were two types of theatrical public presentations that were available for the people s sing, comedies or calamities. These two genres were ne’er truly intertwined until the clip of William Shakespeare. His drama, Romeo and Juliet, is an illustration of both a comedy and a calamity. It starts off as a comedy with Romeo crying like a babe because of his love Rosaline, who did non love him back and ends as a calamity when Romeo and Juliet, a brace of star crossed lovers, commit self-destruction because the doomed of each other.

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It was besides during Shakespeare s clip that author were eventually acknowledged by the people. Before this clip, authors were non considered upper classman. Another group of people that began to lift into a higher societal category were the histrions. Actresss were non present back so because adult females were non allowed on phase. It was considered unladylike to hold a female histrion. Men played all the parts. Theater proprietors were dependent on histrions to do them a net income. Rehearsals for the dramas were reasonably short, merely enduring for about a hebdomad. The public presentations themselves would merely demo for three to four yearss. Actors were expected to memorise 100s of lines at a clip. While one drama could be executing, histrions would be practising lines for their following show. Play authors besides began to do functions for the histrions in the theatrical pieces. The theatres that a

ctors performed in were roofless so that the sun could be used as lighting. Theatrical shows were held in the afternoon because it provided the best amount of light for the show. When the people gathered into the theater, the different classes of people were separated by where they could afford to sit and watch the show. The lower classmen were situated on the bare earth where it was dirty and smelly because it was never cleaned. The owners of the theaters found it less expensive if they did not keep high maintenance of their establishments. Higher classmen sat under a roof and for a penny more, they could buy cushions for their seats. The color of a person s clothing also told his or her ranks in society. The rich wore bright colors and many layer to show their wealth. Bright dyes for clothing was very expensive, therefore the poor wore dull earthly colored clothing. When the show started, it would go on until the end because there were no intermissions. Because the theater was crowded and dirty, town officials held great hatred towards it and tried to close them down any chance they could. They felt it was where the plague began. Also, the people left their work to see the shows. This in turn caused them to loose money. Because of the instability of the theater, the owners were often diverse and were involved in a variety of other fields. They made sure that their theater was not their main support of income. A time when the foundation of the entertainment industry built, Elizabethan theater progressed from the Elizabethan Era. Writers and actors both rose into higher society. Writers were acknowledged for their works and actors for their ability to entertain. Tragedies and comedies were intertwined, which caused the people to move from just wanting to comedies. From this ere, the modern day outline of the

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