Elk Island Essay Research Paper The field

10 October 2017

Elk Island Essay, Research Paper

The field trip to Elk Island Park taken by both biological science 20 categories was an interesting and fun twenty-four hours. We learnt about many different types of works and carnal life in different ecosystems and how they contribute to their ecosystem. The two chief ecosystems we looked at in item were the fen and the bog. We look at and recorded facts about the abiotic and biotic factors in the country to better understand the importance of these ecosystems.

The first thing we learnt about was some of the biotic animate being? s insects and H2O animals found in the park. In the amphitheater we were able to see the different types of animate beings found in the park, how we were expected to move around the animate beings and how they live in their environment. We talked about the bison found in the park and how we should remain a safe distance off from them.

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We so saw a movie on the insects, workss, amphibious vehicles, and animate beings found in the fen. The intent of this was to assist us to be able to place these invertebrates in the H2O and to state us how they are of import to their ecosystem. These invertebrates found in the fen are a portion of a long and complicated nutrient web found in that little ecosystem. The workss, animate beings, insects, and amphibians autumn into the first three phases of the nutrient web, which in bend start the nutrient concatenation. Plants in the fen are eaten by the insects, which are eaten by other insects and amphibious vehicles. Our occupation was to place these animals and put them into a class ( manufacturers, consumers, and secondary consumers ) harmonizing to how they live in the fen.

As a group we were able to catch many of these invertebrates present in the fen. We caught H2O boaters, Phoxinus phoxinuss, snails, caddisfly larva, H2O striders, leaches, whirligig beetle, and fresh H2O runt. The nutrient concatenation found in the fen started with algae and other works life found in the H2O. Insects like the H2O boater, Phoxinus phoxinuss, snails, and caddisfly larva eat the algae. These

insects are eaten by other insects and amphibious vehicles like H2O striders, leaches, top beetles, and fresh water runt. This is the beginning of a long and complicated nutrient concatenation. Our group was besides personally shown how an insect like the caddisfly larva makes its place to camouflage itself. This version gives the caddisfly an advantage and its species is able to remain in being.

After tiffin we went to the bog and took portion in three activities. The first activity was an experiment that proved that moss hold about the sum of H2O if non more H2O than a sponge. The 2nd activity was to see if a murphy was preserved after it had been left in the land for two hebdomads. Amazingly it was still steadfast and no cast was turning on it. Next we took the pH and temperature of the dirt. We found the bog to be really acidic and cold. We concluded that the bog Acts of the Apostless like icebox and is able to continue things because of the sourness of the dirt. This explained why mas are found in bogs. We so look at some of the of the works life found in the bog. The workss we found were reindeer lichen, Labrador tea, peat moss moss, polytrichum moss, bog cranberry, and dry land cranberry. These workss are suited for a bog because the can move as dielectrics for the dirt and retain H2O easy. This is why big trees are non found in bogs.

Elk Island Park was and was great learning experience for the people who were able to see the importance behind the different ecosystems. The existent study made us believe about how the ecosystems operate. We learnt why certain species and works life are found within that ecosystem and what their intent is in the ecosystem. The cognition gained from the field trip makes it possible for us to see how and why the universe operates in the manner it does. This cognition shows us why the small things in nature are of import. Now it is up to us to continue and protect these topographic points where the animate beings and workss within them are the beginnings of all life on Earth.

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