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10 October 2017

Ellen Foster Essay, Research Paper

Ellen Foster, the character in Kaye Gibbons & # 8217 ; novel Ellen Foster, is a immature miss that is fighting to last and happen her manner in the universe. Ellen is deprived of a normal childhood. Her life as a kid is highly difficult, physically and emotionally. She ne’er had a female parent or male parent to take attention of her throughout her young person. Ellen is able to accept her hard childhood as normal by barricading out her jobs since she is non accustomed to anything else. Any normal kid would endure mentally, but Ellen develops strength through her obstructions.

The fact that Ellen is a kid she performs grownup jobs proves someplace indoors of her she has strength to transport on with her life. Ellen & # 8217 ; s mother commits self-destruction and she left to take attention of non merely herself, but her bibulous male parent every bit good. She does non even believe twice about paying measures and fixing nutrient for herself she besides attends school without the aid from anyone. Ellen has the alone strength and bravery to go on with life the harder it becomes. I believe Ellen obtains some of her inward strength from disregarding and barricading her jobs from herself temporarily. She still feels hurting from her female parent & # 8217 ; s decease and expresses how she does non desire speak about her female parent. She says, & # 8220 ; When it came my bend to speak and state all I marched myself right back out of the library room and out the doors & # 8221 ; ( 24 ) .

However, after this incident, Ellen walks place with her best friend Starletta, as if nil out of the ordinary had occurred. This demonstrates how she still feels hurting but blocks it out and carries on with life.

Ellen continues to happen strength in her invariably altering place life. The maltreatment that she suffers at the custodies of her drunken male parent finally allows her to populate with her instructor. Ellen begins to see life as a normal kid would. Her painful memories of her male parent are still hidden in her head and steal out from clip to clip. Ellen provinces, & # 8220 ; Once I got him in my caput it was difficult to agitate him out & # 8221 ; ( 48 ) . Even though she thinks about him she contin

ues to demo her strength and the attention she receives from her instructor makes life for Ellen easier. Her life agreement displacements one time more is forced to populate with her grandma who at times expresses deep hate for Ellen. Ellen realizes this and says, “Some yearss I felt like I was in a anguish chamber and counted the yearss until school” ( 63 ) . Her grandma even forces her to make manual labour over the summer in a cotton field. Ellen manages to keep her caput high and even makes a friend with a coworker through the hot summer yearss. Ellen seems to do the best out of a atrocious state of affairs and continues to happen strength everyday.

Ellen has a dream maintaining her spirit alive. She even makes a list of what her & # 8220 ; ideal household & # 8221 ; would be like. Ellen says, & # 8220 ; I had non figured out how to travel about acquiring one but I had a feeling it could be got & # 8221 ; ( 67 ) . Her dream of a perfect place gives Ellen the excess staying power to go on on when times seemed unsmooth. Her grandma dies while she is populating at that place and once more Ellen is shuffled to another family. Ellen stays with her Aunt Nadine, which for the most portion she enjoys. However, her cousin Dora is the apple of her Aunt & # 8217 ; s oculus and this fusss Ellen. Dora is besides a really clannish miss which bothers Ellen so much she wants to revolt. For the first clip in her life Ellen realizes how strong she truly is and makes a base for herself. Her verbal statement with her household is a turning point that sends her to ultimate felicity even though Ellen is non cognizant of it at the clip.

Ellen finds her felicity in her Foster female parent & # 8217 ; s house. Ellen moves for the last clip in to a surrogate place. Her surrogate female parent gives Ellen everything that she of all time wanted in a household. She easy begins to mend from her past experiences. Ellen & # 8217 ; s strength gives her a new out expression on life. She even says, & # 8220 ; Two old ages ago I did non hold much of anything. Not that I live in the lap of luxury now but I am proud for the schoolbus to pick me up here & # 8221 ; ( 2 ) . Ellen & # 8217 ; s strength helped draw her through difficult times and gives her the power to stand on her ain land and get the better of her painful childhood.

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