Ellis Island Essay Research Paper Ellis IslandEllis

10 October 2017

Ellis Island Essay, Research Paper

Ellis Island

Ellis Island has a long and exciting. History was the & # 8220 ; Gateway

to America & # 8221 ; from 1892 until it closed in 1954, The island was called

Gull Island by the Indians and Oyster Island by the Dutch people.

Subsequently the English made it a topographic point for hanging felons and so the

island became known as Gibbet Island. The Indians sold it to the

Dutch East India Company for bangles. The company subsequently sold it to

Mynheer Paauw who besides bought land along the New Jersey coastline.

Samuel Ellis, a colonial merchandiser bought the island and it became at

last Ellis Island. After the Revolution, the island was sold to New York

State and in 1811, Fort Gibson was built on it to fix for the War of

1812. No contending took topographic point at Fort Gibson it was chiefly a weaponries

storage garrison.

When immigrants began coming into New York City, New York

State processed them at an old garrison known as Castle Clinton ( one bet it was

called palace Clinton because it was easy to acquire into ) on the Battery at

the tip of Manhattan.

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When that it became excessively little for the big

figure of immigrants geting in the state, they chose Ellis Island as

the new in-migration centre. After doing new wooden edifices, it

opened in 1892 but those

edifices burned in 1897. New edifices

were built in 1900 and it opened once more. Finally the control of

in-migration was turned over to the Federal authorities.

Ellis Island was the federal in-migration station ( The Gateway

to America ) in the United States from 1892 to 1954. More than 12

million immigrants were processed here. Over clip, the in-migration

station spread over 3 affiliated islands with loto edifices including a

infirmary. It is estimated that over 40 per centum of all citizens can follow

their lineage to those who came through Ellis Island. After go throughing a

clump of in-migration Torahs in the 1920s it was used more for deporting

foreigners. Immigrants were required to go through a series of medical and legal

reviews before they could come in America. Those who did non go through

these reviews were returned to their state on the boats that

brought them here. Even though merely 2 per centum of those coming to

America were turned off at Ellis Island that came out to over 250000

people whose hopes and dreams turned to cryings and messed up lives.

Ellis Island has nt effected my life tramendusly but it did consequence it

somewhat in ways of my ascendants might hold came through it.

It was the Gateway to America, it was needed, and it was built.

Ellis Island.

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