Ellis Island

4 April 2015
This paper introduces analyzes, and discusses the book “Ellis Island Interviews: in Their Own Words,” by Peter Morton Coan.

Ellis Island was the first stop for immigrants to the United States in the early 20th century. This paper examines a book which deals with the stories of people who passed through this island. It provides great insight into the life of the immigrants, their reasons for leaving their country and what they hoped to achieve in America. The writer of this paper examines the author’s use of interviews as a form of documentation.
The author calls Ellis Island a America’s slender thread for the peopling of the nation” (Coan xiii), and his interviews portray just a few of the thousands of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island on their way to a better life. “By and large, they came from nondescript farm villages and hamlets tucked away in forgotten European provinces and sleepy border towns routinely compromised by twisted ideology, plunder, and hate” (Coan xvii). Coan interviews several of these people who came to America, to find out their reasons for coming, and more about their lives. He also interviewed some of the employees who had worked on the island.”

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