Elvis Presley Essay Research Paper The public

9 September 2017

Elvis Presley Essay, Research Paper

The populace made Elvis Presley larger than life, better known than Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and in some instances God Himself.

I can non rather understand the Elvis fad. I don & # 8217 ; t believe he was a fine-looking adult male, I don & # 8217 ; t bask his music, I won & # 8217 ; t blow my clip seeking to sit through one of his drilling, talentless films, and if, God forbid, I end up on my deathbed with some atrocious, incurable disease, I surely won & # 8217 ; Ts make a pilgrim’s journey to Graceland to be miraculously healed.

Jack Gould conveyed some of my feeling in the essay Television: New Phenomenon when he wrote, & # 8220 ; Mr. Presley has no discernable vocalizing ability. & # 8221 ;

Although he gave off autos, hard currency, and gifts to friends, household, and sometimes, aliens, I can & # 8217 ; t believe of any of his parts that merits his God-like position.

Cults and & # 8220 ; churches & # 8221 ; have been formed to idolize him.

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One such & # 8220 ; church & # 8221 ; named & # 8220 ; The First Presleyterian Church of Elvis the Divine & # 8221 ; in Colorado claims he paid them a visit, and he was as immature and in form as he was in his early old ages. There are web sites dedicated to turn outing that Elvis and Jesus are one and the same. Peoples claim to hold seen Elvis alive at food market shops and at Parkss. There is besides a web site devoted to the cloning of & # 8220 ; The King & # 8221 ; himself. Peoples have merely gone overboard idolizing Elvis! The same female parents and male parents who can & # 8217 ; t understand boy or girl & # 8217 ; s captivation with the Backstreet Boys are purchasing phials of Elvis & # 8217 ; s perspiration from the Internet. It scares me to believe that some if these people will shortly be take parting in the countrywide ballot for a new president.

Born January 8, 1935 to Gladys and Vernon Presley, the odds were against Elvis Aaron Presley from the minute the entered this universe. The fact that he ascended from his soil hapless roots to superstar position is a major factor of why he was so popular in the South among the lower in-between category, and the diverseness in his manner contributed to his miscellaneous fan base. In his adolescent old ages, Elvis absorbed the cultural facets and musical manner of Country, Gospel, and Rhythm & A ; Blues. He lived in the South, where Country music was most prevailing, it was kind of a & # 8220 ; given & # 8221 ; for him for him to follow the state music manner. His parents were god-fearing church members, and Elvis often attended the all dark resurgences, where he enjoyed leaping about and singing the Gospel. It is besides known that Elvis spent rather a spot of clip on Memphis & # 8217 ; s Beale Street, known for its Rhythm & A ; Blues nines.

When Elvis did unoriginal vocals that had been sung antecedently by other creative persons, he added his ain spirit that was made up of his assorted Gospel, Country, and R & A ; B background. His manner drew diverse crowds, and vocals such as & # 8220 ; Hound Dog & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; Don & # 8217 ; t Be Cruel & # 8221 ; went to # 1 in the Country, R & A ; B and Pop charts. None of this justifies the deification of Elvis.

After a brief stretch in the US Army, Elvis started concentrating more on films. He made a broad assortment of films, GI Blues, Blue Hawaii, Viva Las Vegas, and Fun in Acapulco to call a few. Although the films were fundamentally glorified music picture, as they contained no existent secret plan and a batch of vocalizing, these films and their vocals made 1000000s.

I candidly think that if the & # 8220 ; Elvis myth & # 8221 ; that is discussed in Griel Marcus & # 8217 ;

s essay, Presliad, had non already been put in topographic point by Elvis’s fans, the films would non hold grossed half the money, and his calling would hold taken a bend for the worse.

Marcus explains his theory of the Elvis & # 8220 ; myth & # 8221 ; in his essay, & # 8220 ; Performing a sort of tremendous triumph instead than winning it, Elvis strides the boards with such glamors, such magnetic attraction, that he allows his audience to exceed their desire for his endowment. Action is irrelevant when one can merely please in the presence of a adult male who has made history, and who has triumphed over it. & # 8221 ; Elvis could hold nose-whistled the Star Spangled Banner, and still made misss swoon at his public presentation.

In 1969, he began his Vegas calling with the goad of his director, Colonel Parker. As the old ages passed and the lbs piled on, he and his married woman of 6 old ages, who was 11 old ages younger than he, divorced in 1973. The touring and visual aspects proved excessively much for the twosome. This plunged Elvis into a deep depression, and he started to doubt himself, and became more self-aware.

Elvis loved down-home state cookery, and he would ingurgitate himself when non touring. When it came near to clip to tour once more, he would travel on pathetic diets, and compounded his wellness jobs by going hooked on non-prescription and prescription drugs, including diet pills and sleep inducement medicine.

Many writers say that, in hindsight, toward the terminal Elvis was a complete muss onstage, muttering his words, and seeking his hardest to belt out his celebrated melodies. In the sympathetic life Elvis: The King of Rock & # 8216 ; n & # 8217 ; Roll, Rupert Matthews writes about a picture of his June 21, 1977 concert, & # 8220 ; His face is bouffant, his motions decelerate and at one point he has to be helped unsloped. During interruptions in the music, when he speaks to the audience, he can hardly mumble and mumble. But despite this, he manages to execute with power and authority. & # 8221 ;

Elvis & # 8217 ; s populace was so consumed with the myth of Elvis, they hardly noticed or cared. They merely cared that they were witnessing & # 8220 ; The King & # 8221 ; in individual, and what an award it was to be in his presence.

Marcus stated, & # 8220 ; It is as if there is nil Elvis could make to dominate a public presentation of his myth. & # 8221 ; My reading of this is that Elvis & # 8217 ; s calling was now controlled and being steered by his fans and anything he did, good or bad, to seek to alter the way or manner of his calling was worthless.

Some Elvis-worshippers may believe the ground I don & # 8217 ; t attention for Elvis may be the times in which I grew up. I extremely uncertainty that, as I have ne’er put anyone on a base and glorified him or her as so many have done with Elvis.

When I began my research on this paper, I had no hint as to why anyone would blow a hebdomad of their life to go to & # 8220 ; Elvis Week & # 8221 ; and to pay court to the great & # 8220 ; King of Rock & # 8216 ; n & # 8217 ; Roll. & # 8221 ; Or why anyone would give all of his or her trim clip to make and keep a web site dedicated to a adult male who has been dead for 20+ old ages. After all of my research at the library and on the cyberspace, larning about his roots and his household, his rise to stardom, his military calling, his movie calling, his Vegas calling, and his personal life with all of its adult females and drugs, I still have no hint. Neither do the people who create the web sites or compose the books in award of him.

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